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By attending this course, participants will gain the knowledge required for designing and develop interactive experiences across multiple devices.

This course teaches participants how to effectively communicate their creative vision with Adobe Flash Professional CS6 software. This course also teaches participants how to use powerful toolset that offers typographic precision, layout fidelity, and expressive motion-editing capabilities.

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Course Objectives

  • Helps you in gaining an understanding on how to create new Flash documents.

  • Teaches you how to create, edit, optimize animations and manage and plan Flash projects.

Course Benefits:

  • Better job opportunities

  • Quick career growth

  • Higher pay scale

  • Global recognition

Course Curriculum

Getting started

  • A Flash overview

  • Creating new documentsPublishing

  • Unit summary: Getting started

  • Review Questions

Drawing in Flash

  • Bitmap and vector graphics

  • Flash drawing tools

  • Vector paths

  • Unit summary: Drawing in Flash

  • Review Questions

Symbols and imported assets

  • Symbol overview

  • Importing graphics

  • Unit summary: Symbols and imported assets

  • Review Questions

Layers and frames

  • Layers

  • Timeline basics

  • Unit summary: Layers and frames

  • Review Questions


  • Tweens

  • Optimising graphics for animation

  • Movie clip animation

  • Unit summary: Animation

  • Review Questions

Planning and managing Flash projects

  • Flash platforms

  • Flash projects

  • Working with the Flash library

  • Unit summary: Planning and managing Flash projects

  • Review Questions

Introduction to ActionScript

  • ActionScript language fundamentals

  • Object oriented programming

  • Unit summary: Introduction to ActionScript

  • Review Questions

Content and Libraries

  •  Working with text

  • Loading external content

  • ActionScript libraries

  • Unit summary: Content and Libraries

  • Review Questions

Adding video and audio

  • Adding video and interactivity

  • Adding and synchronizing audio

  • Unit summary: Adding video and audio

  • Review Questions

Testing and publishing

  • Debugging Flash applications

  • Testing mobile applications

  • Assessing and simulating performance

  • Publishing to Adobe AIR

  • Publishing to HTML5

  • Unit summary: Testing and publishing

  • Review Questions


Q. What are the pre-requisites for attending this course?

A. The candidate should have at least five years’ experience in Flash. The participant should hold three-four years’ experience with animation.

Q. What is the format of the exam?

A: The exam format for Adobe Flash CS6 Exam is as follows:

  • The exam contains 50  multiple choice questions

  • The Minimum passing score is : 67%

  • Duration of the exam: 60 Minutes