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AJAX is a front-end web technology software that allows the JavaScript communicate with a web server. Ajax training program is suitable for all web developers who want to develop or enhance their client side skills, for creating quick and responsive web applications.

In this training program, participants will learn how to create asynchronous requests with JavaScript. They will also come across basics of Ajax and to advanced topics like parsing JSON responses from web services. After the course completion, participant will be able to create Ajax-based applications on their own.

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Course Curriculum

A Quick Overview of Web Development

  • Client-side Programming

  • Server-side Programming

  • Intro to Ajax and the Node.js Server

The Purpose of Ajax

  • Why Node.js?

  • Installing and running Node.js

Ajax Basics

  • The XMLHttpRequest Object

  • Handling the Response

  • The Callback Function

AJAX with the jQuery Framework

  • Ajax with jQuery

  • jQuery's Ajax-Related Methods

  • Convenience Methods

  • $.fn.load


  • Using PHP with XML data

  • Using PHP with JSON data

Passing Data

  • XML

  • Dynamic Tables

  • JSON

Ajax Applications

  • Forms

  • Preloaded Data

  • Navigable Tables

  • Inline Editing

  • Autologout

  • Auto completion


  • Creating an XSLT Stylesheet

  • XSLT elements


  • Accessing Remote Sites

  • CORS Vs. JSONP Differences

Course Objectives

  • Learn how Ajax and the XML HTTP Request object works also teaches you how to write a cross-browser Ajax code.

  • Teaches you how to use JavaScript and jQuery to make AJAX requests.

  • Learn how to process JSON with jQuery and JavaScript and also gain knowledge on using 3rd party API with AJAX and jQuery.

  • Shows you how Node.js framework can be used to provide platform-agnostic server-side resources.

Course Benefits:

  • Better job opportunities

  • Global recognition

  • Enhances your salary potential

  • Quick career growth


Q. What are the pre-requisites for this course?

A. Participants require intermediate proficiency with JavaScript and also familiarity with HTML/CSS.

Q. Who is the targeted audience?

A. This training program is suitable for Web Developers, Mobile Developers using the HTML5 Stack, Programming Students, and Software Developers.