Training Guide for Home Computer Maintenance

Computer viruses can seriously disrupt your ability to manage work, keep up with emails and perform any of the hundreds of tasks now routinely assigned to the personal computer. Once your computer has been infected, virus removal can be expensive and time-consuming, depending on the severity of the attack. The best solution is prevention. Learn how to minimize risk of contagion with good computing practices... Continue Reading

Online Resources for Making Your College Choice

Deciding on the right college is a huge, life-changing decision that should not be taken lightly. Plenty of thought and consideration should go into picking your perfect school. It's a great idea to sit down and make a list of everything that's important to you in a college, then compare and contrast each potential school according to your list: Where is it located? What majors do they offer? How much will it cost?... Continue Reading

Resources for Safety in the Classroom

When it comes to creating good habits in children, parents know that there is no such thing as starting too soon. By learning the proper habits for safety in the classroom and around the school yard, children can begin to learn and appreciate the benefits of good conduct. Children come into contact with many different kinds of challenges throughout the day, and knowing how to deal with those challenges can create strong adults in the future... Continue Reading

Beginner Spanish in the Classroom

Nowadays, learning Spanish is more of a necessity than a luxury for some. According to the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, 68.8 percent of high school students choose to study Spanish. This is beneficial if you consider that Spanish is spoken in 21 countries, is the fourth-most-used language throughout the world, and is a requirement for some jobs in the United States... Continue Reading

Online Homework Help For Students

While you might not enjoy doing homework, it is a necessary part of going to school. When it comes time to do homework, the internet can be an invaluable tool for doing research and getting homework help. There are lots of great sites out there that can help you if you are struggling. Some subjects may be easier for you than others, and when it comes to tough subjects, some extra help might be necessary... Continue Reading

Study Tips and Resources for Online Training and Classrooms

Students of all ages face challenges while in the classroom. With distractions from other students and external distractions from the environment, studying properly can be very difficult. To become an effective student, you need to acquire proper studying skills and habits. By improving your time management skills, learning how to listen and preparing for tests properly, the student has a good chance of being successful... Continue Reading

Training tips for road racing

Training Tips for Road Racing

Running a road race can be a lot of fun. Connecting with others, raising money for charity, and breaking a sweat almost always leaves runners with a sense of satisfaction. If you have run more than a couple races, you might be beginning to notice your time. Many runners get a great sense of accomplishment out of seeing their time drop lower and lower as they become more fit and gain experience as a runner... Continue Reading

A guide to Nature's Classroom for Students

Sometimes it can be hard for students to get outdoors and learn about nature, especially if they live in a big city or they simply don't have access to parks and recreation areas. One disadvantage of the growth of cities and metropolitan areas has been that nature gets disrupted and wild animals have been forced to go elsewhere... Continue Reading

Home School English Games for Kids

Playing educational games is a great way to improve your Language Arts skills while having fun. English games help you practice skills covered during your language arts lessons and learn exciting new concepts. There are lots of great English games and resources online-whether you want to test your vocabulary, quiz your spelling, practice your punctuation, or just have fun with grammar... Continue Reading