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This course intends to provide you with all the skill and knowledge required for the role of a computer technician or support professional. This course is suitable for the people who are willing to start their career as an entry-level information technology professional or personal computer (PC) service technician.

To obtain CompTIA A+ certificate, the aspirant must clear two exams: CompTIA A+ Essentials Exam and Practical Application Exam. This course helps you in clearing these two exams and covers a wide range of topics such as essential principles of installing, building and troubleshooting.

In this course, you will also learn elements of customer service and communication skills necessary to work with clients. This course focuses on preparing you for CompTIA A+ exam.

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Course Curriculum

Hardware Fundamentals

  • Computer System Components

  • Storage Devices

  • Device Connections and Interface

Operating System Fundamentals

  • Personal Computer Operating Systems

  • Windows Control Panel Utilities

  • Command Line Tools

  • Windows Security Settings

  • Windows Operating System Tools

Operational Procedures

  • Basic Maintenance Tools and Techniques

  • Electrical Safety

  • Environmental Safety and Materials Handling

  • Professionalism and Communication

Peripheral Devices

  • Display devices

  • Input devices

  • Expansion Cards

  • Multimedia Devices

Managing System Components

  • Motherboards

  • CPUs and Cooling Systems

  • Select and Install Power Supplies

  • RAM Types and Features

  • Install and Configure Storage Devices

  • Configure the System BIOS

Installing and Configuring Operating Systems

  • Implement Virtualization

  • Install Microsoft Windows

  • Windows Upgrades

  • Windows Preventive Maintenance

Networking Technologies

  • Physical Network Connections

  • TCP/IP

  • Network Connectivity

  • Ports and Protocols

  • Set Up and Configure Windows Networking

  • Networking Tools

  • Install, configure, and deploy a SOHO wireless/wired router using appropriate settings


  • Install and configure laptop hardware and components

  • Compare and contrast the components within the display of a laptop

  • Compare and contrast laptop features


  • Explain the differences between the various printer types and summarize the associated imaging process

  • Install, and configure printers

  • Perform printer maintenance


  • Apply and use common prevention methods

  • Compare and contrast common security threats

  • Implement security best practices to secure a workstation

  • Use the appropriate data destruction/disposal method

  • Secure a SOHO wireless network

  • Secure a SOHO wired network

Mobile Devices

  • Explain the basic features of mobile operating systems

  • Establish basic network connectivity and configure email

  • Compare and contrast methods for securing mobile devices

  • Compare and contrast hardware differences in regards to tablets and laptops

  • Execute and configure mobile device synchronization


  • Explain the troubleshooting theory

  • Common problems related to motherboards, RAM, CPU and power with appropriate tools

  • Hard drives and RAID arrays with appropriate tools

  • Common video and display issues

  • Wired and wireless networks with appropriate tools

  • Operating system problems with appropriate tools

  • Common security issues with appropriate tools and best practices

  • Troubleshoot, and repair common laptop issues while adhering to the appropriate procedures

  • Printers with appropriate tools

Course Objectives

  • This course provides you with complete knowledge on the fundamentals of computer technology

  • In this course, you will learn how to install and configure PC operating systems. You will also gain knowledge on configuring common features for Android and Apple iOS mobile operating systems

  • You will gain knowledge about PC components and maintenance,operating system technologies, computer hardware and peripherals and network connections

Course Benefits:

  • Higher pay scale

  • Quick career growth

  • Enhances your productivity and greater technical self-sufficiency


Q. What are the Prerequisites for this course?

A. You should have Basic knowledge of computing concepts and also have knowledge about Windows based computer devices.

Q. What skills do participants gain with CompTIA A+ course?

A. After course completion, you will gain complete knowledge on how to manage and maintain hardware, memory, troubleshooting theory and preventative maintenance technique.