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This course also teaches you how to develop and publish Web pages using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). It also helps you to design your own content sections using box properties.

The course offers complete information on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and teaches you how to control the look and feel of your HTML documents. This certification course also helps you in understanding the usage of fonts, colors, leading, and many other aspects.

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Course Curriculum

Controlling Color and Typography

  • Create an embedded style sheet

  • Apply Color

  • Comment Your Code

  • Modify Text Styles

  • Modify Font Styles

  • Create a linked style sheet

Designing with the Cascade

  • Create Class Styles

  • Create ID Styles

  • Create Contextual Styles

  • Target Styles to Elements with Specific Attributes

  • Create Style Sheets that Cascade

  • Import Style Sheets

  • Create Inline Styles

Designing Content Sections

  • Control Margins and Padding

  • Create Borders

  • Control Element Dimensions

  • Create Floating Elements

  • Control Content Overflow

Controlling Layout with Positioning

  • Control Layout with Absolute Positioning

  • Create a Fixed Multi-Column Layout

  • Create a Fluid Multi-Column Layout

  • Control Layout with Relative Positioning

  • Control the Display of Layered Elements

  • Apply Fixed Positioning

Enhancing an Existing Design

  • Customize Cursors

  • Customize Link Styles

  • Customize Forms

  • Work with Background Images

  • Customize Lists

  • Create Generated Content

Creating Alternate Style Sheets

  • Create Accessible Style Sheets

  • Apply User-Defined System Fonts and Colors

  • Create a Print Style Sheet

Course Objectives

  • Teaches you how to create W3C validated CSS style sheets

  • Shows you how to use CSS to build websites from scratch using code

  • Optimize page styles and layout with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  • Helps you in configuring your Web Server

  • Helps you in understanding the basics of graphics

  • Shows you how to control your page layouts with CSS positioning

  • Teaches you techniques for enhancing an existing design


Q. What is the exam format?

A. Number of Questions: 70

     Type: Multiple choice or true/false questions.You must correctly          answers 75% of the questions clear the exam.

Q. What are the pre-requisites for CSS course?

A: You should have basic computer science knowledge

Q. What are the Popular Career Options?

A: You gain eligibility criteria for jobs like computer programmer,Web designer,Web programmer, or Web editor.