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jQuery UI certification training shows you how to use jQuery UI library to develop user interfaces for websites and applications. The participants will also gain knowledge on how to use jQuery UI's for creating animation effects.

In this course, the participant will gain in-depth knowledge on all the aspects of jQuery UI. This course teaches the participant programming aspects of jQuery and shows them how to create interactive web pages.

As certified professionals, the participants will have complete knowledge on how to create and configure instances of jQuery UI interaction, and also gain proficiency in implementing jQuery UI interface components like Datepickers and Accordions.

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Course Curriculum

Introducing jQuery

  • Intro to jQuery & History

  • The jQuery Object($)

  • Basic DOM HTML Document/Page Types

  • CSS Selectors

  • IDE's for jQuery

  • jQuery CDN & Installation

  • jQuery Functions, Selectors

  • Querying DOM, Traversing the DOM

  • jQuery Selectors

  • jQuery Basic Functions

  • DOM Traversing

DOM Manipulation & jQuery Effects

  • Adding and Removing DOM elements

  • Iterating with each(), DOM elements

  • Modifying Properties and Attributes

  • jQuery Filters

  • jQuery Effects, hide/show

  • fading methods, chaining

  • Animate Function

jQuery Forms & Events

  • jQuery Form Selectors

  • Form Validation

  • Form Submission

  • Events, Event Handling

  • jQuery on() & off()

  • Custom Events and Triggers

jQuery AJAX & Utilities

  • AJAX using jQuery

  • Interacting with Server-Side

  • PHP and $.each and Templating

  • Twitter/Github API, Deferreds

jQuery Plugins

  • jQuery 3rd party plugin

  • Plugin Implementation

  • Plugin Development

jQuery UI

  • Accordion Widget

  • Tabs Widget

  • Tooltip Widget

  • Menu Widget

  • Datepicker Widget

  • jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile Introduction

  • jQuery Mobile CSS Framework

  • jQuery Mobile Events

  • Mobile Widgets

Course Objectives

  • Helps you in understanding basic and advanced methods of jQuery Library and apply various jQuery methods in building UI projects.

  • Teaches you how to develop rich Interactive web pages and also learn where to use and how to use jQuery UI Widgets, Events jQuery Mobile.

  • Shows you how to apply jQuery Library to create Highly Rich Web & Mobile Apps and understand how jQuery UI extends a number of jQuery wrapped set methods.

Course Benefits:

  • Higher pay scale

  • Better job opportunities

  • Global recognition

  • Quick career growth


Q. What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

A. The pre-requisite for this course include knowledge of Basic HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Q. What are the career opportunities present?

A. After course completion, you can secure a job as graphic designer, layout artist, image editor, visualizer, template artist, interface designer, web designer to name a few.