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Learn the basics of digital marketing and go on to become an advanced user in no time. Master the essentials of SEO, paid, social media, digital media planning and inbound marketing. Learn how to create affiliations and partnerships with the right people.

Through GreyCampus's live, online lectures, learn advanced concepts of digital marketing with hands-on projects from world-class trainers. Get anytime, anywhere access to class recordings for a full year. Our support team is always ready to answer queries for any concern you might have. You can also clear your doubts from our instructors up to 30 days after classes.

You'll start from the Whys and Whats of online marketing, and then move to the Hows. All course participants will have an option of free or trial access to 30+ online marketing tools. These tools will cover Paid Marketing, SEO, social media marketing and analytics tools.

Still wondering why Digital Marketing? Here's why!

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Instructor Led

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Live, Online Classes

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6 Days/ 48 Hours

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30 Days (post training)

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1 YEAR access

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Course Curriculum

Our course curriculum covers all the topics required for digital marketing. You can become an expert in no time with the knowledge shared. We guide you from the basics all the way to in depth topics for a detailed study.

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  • Get an overview of the online marketing universe.
  • Know how to identify and define a target audience.
  • Learn how to define the objectives, milestones and goals of a marketing campaign.
  • Learn about executing, monitoring, optimizing and reporting on an online marketing campaign.
  • Know how to create effective Digital Media Plan.
  • Learn about Digital Media Buying

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Understand how search engines work (special emphasis on Google).
  • Learn how to audit a site.
  • Learn to create a solid SEO friendly site architecture.
  • Learn how to do an advanced keyword research.
  • Learn to create robots friendly site by
    1. Creating Robots.txt
    2. Creating Sitemaps
    3. Giving Meta Robots Directives
    4. Setting up Parameters in Google Search Console
    5. Setting up Canonicalization
    6. Setting up Languages
    7. Setting up Schema and Rich Snippets
    8. Optimizing PageSpeed
  • Understand on-page and off-page optimization and learn about link building strategies.
  • Managing Site Reputation
  • Learn how to do a keyword research.
  • Understand on-page and off-page optimization and learn about link building strategies.
  • Learn about Local SEO and its impact on SERPs.
  • Understand Google's algorithms and know what to avoid.
  • Track and report on SEO campaigns.

Paid Marketing

  • Learn about ad networks and understand how they work.
  • Learn to aligning advertising activities with Digital Media Plan and business goals
  • Creating campaign for
    1. Google Search
    2. Google Display
    3. Google Remarketing
    4. Google Mobile
    5. Google Video
    6. Google Shopping
    7. Facebook Ads
    8. Facebook Remarketing Ads
    9. Bing Ads
  • Learn advanced optimization techniques for your ad campaigns
  • Understand advanced campaign settings
  • Learn to set up conversion tracking
  • Create compelling ads
  • Create effective landing pages
  • Track and report paid campaigns

Social Media Marketing

  • Identify the right platforms for your marketing objectives and create a social media marketing calendar.
  • Learn social media best practices and know how to increase your follower counts.
  • Track and report on social media campaigns.
  • Automate your social media updates with schedulers.
  • Understand Social Media algorithms and how to maximize your post reach.
  • Lean on how to identify and to take part in trending topics.
  • Learn best practices for
    1. 1. Facebook
    2. 2. Twitter
    3. 3. LinkedIn
    4. 4. Google+
    5. 5. Reddit
    6. 6. Quora
    7. 7. Instagram
  • Track and report social media campaigns

Inbound Marketing

  • Identify right platforms and tools for communication and create an effective drip campaign flow
  • Learn best practices to increase your list size.
  • Learn to create an effective content marketing plan.
  • Understand how to choose trending topics to create content on.
  • Create effective email templates.
  • Understand how to nurture leads and run referral programs.
  • Learn how to automate workflows.

Affiliate/Partnership Marketing

  • Identify right model and platform to run affiliate programs.
  • Learn how to find affiliates.
  • Engage affiliates for win-win.

Monitoring andReporting

  • Define measurement metrics for your digital marketing goals.
  • Set up and understand Google Analytics
  • Set up and understand Google Tag Manager
  • Set up and understand Google Search Console
  • Create Segments, goals and filters in Google Analytics
  • Set up Events, Custom Dimensions and Ecommerce Tracking in Google Tag Manager
  • Creating reports and measure against your online marketing goals.
  • Connect multiple marketing tools and create consolidated reports.


List of Tools Covered

Google Analytics
Facebook Ads Manager
Google Tag Manager
Facebook Power Editor
Google Search Console
Google Adwords
Majestic SEO
Google Adwords Editor
Moz Pro
Google Keyword Planner
Google Display Planner
Moz Local
Google Trends
Google Alerts
Google Analytics Google Spreadsheet Adons
Key tools for Excel
SuperMetrics Google Addon
SEO Tools for Excel
SEO Quake
ScreamingFrog Sitemap Generator
Xenu Crawler
Bing Ads
Bing Ads Intelligence
Bing Webmaster Tools


Q. Who is this course for

A. This course is for people who are looking for a career in Digital Marketing, especially a leadership role.

The training will equip you with the advanced Online Marketing concepts. It will give you exposure to real world tools that you will actually use in your work.

Q. How do I get access to the online marketing tools?

A. You'll be be introduced to the subscription process for individual marketing tools. This will be as and when you need to during the training process.

Q. How are the classes conducted?

A. Classes are conducted online using standard video conference solutions. These include Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, and Zoom. You'll be sent a unique link to join each class by email after registration.

Q. What are the system requirements to attend this course?

A. You'll need a PC/ Laptop running Windows and equipped with a Microphone and a set of Speakers/ Headphone.

For specific tools, you'll need a copy of Microsoft Excel (ver. 2007 or later recommended).

You'll also need ~512 kbps internet bandwidth for the live classes.

Q. Which certification is this training for?

A. The course comes with a Training Completion certificate from GreyCampus.