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PHP course is suitable for professionals with Web development background. This course teaches you how to develop and maintain dynamic and interactive web pages. It also shows you how to retrieve and update data from a database over the internet.

During this course, you will learn about fundamental concepts, that is useful for novice PHP developers. This course offers lectures which will ensure that you gain a complete knowledge about PHP basics. This course also offers you simple example codes. You will gain knowledge about the content management system Web application. You will be provided with detailed information which will help you in creating a complete web site.

This course helps you to learn methods for allowing your site visitors to add new information to an online database, and many other informative things. By the end of this course, you will have code templates that will help you in creating your own dynamic, Web-based, content management system.

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Course Objectives

  • Helps you in understanding how server-side programming works on the web.

  • Helps you to create conditional structures.

  • Understanding POST and GET in form submission.

  • Tells you how to receive and process form submission data.

  • Shows you how to create a database in phpMyAdmin.

  • Shows you how to read and process data in a MySQL database.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction

  • Variables, Syntax, Operators and Conditional Control

  • Defining Loops and Debugging

  • Working with Arrays and Functions

  • PHP Basics

  • Functions

  • Data Format & Types

  • Web Features

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Security

  • I/O

  • Databases & SQL

  • Arrays

  • Strings & Patterns


Q: What is the eligibility criteria?

A: This course is suitable for anyone who has completed Higher Secondary school, and possess language skills in English, and has analytical and logical skills.

Q: Who can take this course?

A: Suitable for those who are looking for building a career in web development.

Q: What are the advantages of PHP?

A: Open source: It can be freely accessed and used by PHP developers. It is managed by a large group of PHP developers.

Speed: It is very compared to other scripting languages.

User-friendly: PHP uses syntax which is similar to C language syntax, people who are with C can easily understand this scripting language. It is also very stable application.

Comes with inbuilt database connection modules, so that you can easily connect to the database.

Q: What is the format of this exam?

A: The exam consists of 70 multiple choice or true/false questions. The exam is time-limited to 70 minutes.