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This training introduces participants to the critical business processes and also covers other crucial aspects of maintenance planning and execution in R/3.

By attending the SAP Plant Maintenance course, participants will garner knowledge on various aspects of SAP Plant Maintenance, which includes activities such as inspection, to measures and establish the actual condition of a technical system, preventive maintenance to measures and maintain the ideal condition of a technical system and many more.

After course completion participants will be able to identify, document, and correct failures and degradation’s of any assets for which they have responsibility. They will also gain the ability to plan and schedule activities.

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Course Curriculum

1. Master data

  • Creation of Functional location

  • Creation of Maintenance work center

  • Creation of Equipment

  • Creation of Task list

2. Planning

  • Creation of Single cycle plan, assign to task list

  • Creation of maintenance Strategy and assign it to task list plan

  • Multiple counter plans

3. Assign activities to the items in notification

  • Creation of activities

  • Creation of objects

  • Creation coding

  • Individual closing of notification

4. Execution

  • Scheduling of the plan

  • Notification

  • Close of the notification

5. Order creation

  • Release of order Confirmation of order

6. Calibration order and PM integration with Quality management

7. Configuration

  • Basic steps

8. General discussion about SAP and its importance

  • Organization structure

  • landscape

  • implementation steps

  • SAP Architecture

Course Objectives

  • Teaches you how to create master data such as equipment records, functional locations, and PRT’s

  • Shows you how to perform inspections and record defect data

  • Teaches how to work with maintenance orders and completions and also shows you how to run important maintenance reports


Q. What are the prerequisites to learn SAP PM?

A. Participants must have working knowledge of Microsoft office and internet browsers.