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In this course, you will learn about Angular CLI tools and its usability in detail. This course will also help you to learn how to create the components using the CLI tools. It is suitable for experienced developers as well as beginners. Overall you will learn in detail about the most popular programming language and practical knowledge on how to build applications.

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Course Overview

Angular 7 is a dominant MCX framework mostly used for front end development. It is written in TypeScript language and has a different approach to things when compared with other front end libraries like React. Note that Angular 7 is a framework and not a library. Angular applications also feature object-oriented programming. This course will first tell you about the Angular CLI tools and their installation. You will also learn about the Modules and styling in Angular that helps create beautiful and responsive websites. Finally, at the end of this course, you will learn about Angular Forms. To start on this course you would need the basic knowledge of programming and javascript.

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Course Outline


Understand the Angular architecture, its components and learn how to create various projects using this programming language.


This course is aligned to help you create web applications.


Master the JavaScript library and build your own applications by deploying Angular components and many more.

What is Angular
How this course works
The Course Outline
Section Introduction
What Do We Have Here
Angular Architecture
From Scaffold to Application
Section Summary
Section Introduction
Create a Components Project
Working with Components
Section Summary
Section Introduction
Create a Routing Project
Let's Do Some Routing
Section Summary
Section Introduction
Create a Services Project
Building Services
Wiring Services Up
Accessing Services
Service-Enabled Components
Finalizing our Services Implementation
Section Summary
Section Introduction
Modules Defined
Refactoring for Modules
Finish our Modules Refactor
Section Summary
Section Introduction
Integrate the Module
Style our Components
Section Summary
Section Introduction
Section Summary
Section Introduction
Types of Forms
The Angular Forms Module
Implementing Reactive Forms
Stying Reactive Forms
Section Summary
Course Conclusion
What Now
Final Comments


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