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Certificate Program in Data Science

The goal of this certificate program is to get you career-ready in the Data Science industry. Designed and delivered by industry experts, we present this Certificate Program in DS in collaboration with IBM. This program finds the perfect balance between theory and practice. The program blends high-quality self-paced content with live-online classes from industry veterans. There is plenty of lab and project work for your practice. You will undertake two capstone projects to help you prove and showcase your newfound skills. Our program comes with teaching assistance and optional career support. Get globally recognized certification. Get started on your Data Science journey today. 

In collaboration with

Program Highlights

IBM Certification

Our program comes with globally recognized IBM certifications at both course and program levels to showcase your knowledge and skills in Data Science. 

Comprehensive Courseware

This intensive curriculum is paced with a unique blend of online classes, self-paced courses, and hands-on labs to ensure a thorough understanding of each subject.

Hands-on Approach

The program comes with frequent assessments and project work for each course in the learning path and two capstone projects to make you a better data scientist.

Expert Instructors

Having worked for corporations such as Accenture, Amadeus, Syntel, Nielsen and Cognizant, our hand-picked instructors come with a large range of experience, technical expertise and a clear vision of the industry's needs. 

Capstone Projects

Get your hands dirty by working with two capstone projects which would entail working on business cases and presenting a solution for the problem statements by applying all the skills and concepts you've learned thus far. 

Program Support

Our subject matter experts with industry-experience and technical know-how will be extremely happy to guide you through your assignments and project work and are always ready to help you with any questions you may have through your learning journey.

Learning Objective

Data Scientist is one of the hottest professions of the 21st century. As per Forbes, IBM has predicted a rise in demand for Data Scientist by 28% by the year 2020. This course is a combination of forms of learning designed to help a professional gain the required skills and reinforce them through industry-based projects and capstone projects. 

The program is aligned with the following learning objectives:
    • Gain knowledge about the statistics and programming involved in Data Science.
    • Acquire a deep understanding of data structure and data manipulation.
    • Learn to perform scientific and technical computing by using Scipy (including Optimize, IO, Statistics, and Weave)
    • Master mathematical computing using Numpy and Scikit-Learn packages.
    • Know the ins and outs of the different components Hadoop and Spark ecosystem are composed of.
    • Learn the difference between RDBMS and HBase, and work with HBase's architecture and data storage system.
    • Use Tableau to analyze data and build interactive dashboards, create intriguing visualizations and stories.

Program Syllabus

Course 1
Data Science Basics

This introductory course has been designed keeping in mind a beginner with little to no knowledge looking to understand what Data Science is all about and gears him or her with a conceptual understanding of what a Data Scientist does, what tools a Data Scientist uses and how to make sense of data with the usage of statistical processes.

Course Curriculum
  • Defining Data Science
  • What do data science people do?
  • Data Science in Business
  • Use Cases for Data Science
  • Data Science People
Course 2
Data Science with Python

This course will first cover the basics of python programming with a self-paced module that includes an assessment provided by IBM. Our course will then dive head-first into the data science and machine learning libraries that python provides and then ensures that the knowledge you gain translates into tangible skills with the help of expert-tailored project work.

Course Schedules
schedules timings
25 - 05
Oct-Nov 2020
06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Course Curriculum
  • Data Science Overview
  • Data Analytics Overview
  • Statistical Analysis and Business Applications
  • Python Environment Setup and Essentials
  • Mathematical Computing with Python (NumPy)
Course 3
Machine Learning

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence where the focus is to develop computer programs that automate data analysis by learning and adapting through the experience without the need for precise programming. Our course has been designed to help you master machine learning concepts and techniques working with actual data, developing algorithms through supervised and unsupervised learning, performing classification and regression operations and constructing time series models. This course explores in depth the libraries and functionalities the python programming language offers for machine learning techniques in order to draw conclusions from data. The course includes 2 projects to solidify your knowledge and skills you've gained.

Course Schedules
schedules timings
04 - 15
Oct 2020
06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
08 - 19
Nov 2020
05:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Course Curriculum
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Data Wrangling and Manipulation
  • Supervised Learning
  • Feature Engineering
  • Supervised Learning
Course 4
Data Science with R

This course is laid to master techniques like data exploration, data visualization, and predictive analytics and descriptive analytics with the help of R language. The curriculum covers the import and export of data in R, data structures in R, different statistical concepts, cluster analysis, and forecasting. Through this certification, the learner gains an understanding of analyzing data to help companies make more effective business decisions.

Course Schedules
schedules timings
Sep 2020
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Oct 2020
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Course Curriculum
  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Introduction to R Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Data Visualization
  • Writing programs in R
Course 5
Big Data: Hadoop & Spark

This course begins with taking a look at Hadoop's architecture, navigating the Hadoop cluster, MapReduce and Sqoop. We then take a look at an in-depth look at Impala and Hive for performing SQL queries before turning our attention towards Apache’s Flume, HBase, Pig, and Spark.

Course Schedules
schedules timings
Oct 2020
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Course Curriculum
  • Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop Ecosystem
  • HDFS and Hadoop Architecture
  • MapReduce and Sqoop
  • Basics of Impala and Hive
  • Working with Hive and Impala
Course 6
Tableau Desktop

Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool that is being used in the business intelligence industry to derive meaning out of massive data. This data visualization tool is emerging as one of the hottest trends and is gaining popularity in various companies. This course will guide you through the use of Tableau for the purposes of building visualizations, organizing data and presenting it through dashboards and worksheets. It exposes a learner to various Tableau tools to help them depict large data into readable graphs and charts. In addition to this, there is project work to help you put what you've learned into practice. This course has been developed regardless of technical or analytical background and thus, can be taken by anyone.

Course Schedules
schedules timings
Sep 2020
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Oct 2020
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Course Curriculum
  • Getting started with Tableau
  • Working with Tableau
  • Deep diving with Data and Connections
  • Creating Charts
  • Adding calculations to your workbook
Capstone Project 1

Forecast Daily & Hourly bike rentals

Bike-sharing is getting more and more popular as people get more environmentally conscious. For a bike rental business to be successful, it needs to understand how many bikes are needed in a day and at a particular hour. For the majority of companies, poor forecasting can be fatal. In this project, you will learn to apply Machine Learning techniques to provide daily and hourly forecasts for bike rentals.

Topics : Pandas, Numpy, Scikit Learn, Matplotlib, Python

Capstone Project 2

Understanding Customers better

A business will have lots of customers, but we can not treat every customer the same way e.g., with the same importance, same channel, same messaging. Customers have different needs, and businesses should adapt their actions depending on their customer profiles. In this project, you will apply the learned techniques to categorize customers into different segments so that a business can plan an appropriate strategy for each customer segment. 

Topics: Pandas, Numpy, Clustering techniques, Scikit Learn, Matplotlib, Python

  • certificate

    Get IBM Certified!

    This certificate is awarded on successful completion of all the modules and the capstone projects belonging to the program. 

  • certificate

    GreyCampus Certificate

    This certificate is awarded on successful completion of all the modules and the capstone projects belonging to the program. 

USD 1,500
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Career Services

Interview Preparatory Support

As part of this process, you will have exclusive access to E- material and videos with sample interview questions and answers along with videos to revise key topics for the interview and also tips that help you to clear any HR / technical round. Exclusive support to clarify your doubts and answer your questions will motivate and prepare you for your coming interview.

Profile Building Assistance

During this process, our experts help you in understanding the expectations of the industry and support you in preparing the resume better to suit the requirements. Our team will assist you in redesigning your GitHub profile, portfolio-worthy projects and resume to showcase the best of you to land on your dream job in a week’s time. This process boosts your profile to get notified by recruiters, by identifying the areas that require more emphasis and evaluating your profile.

Mock Interviews

All the mock interviews are tailored to the roles that you wish to apply. A detailed review is provided after the interview. The feedback includes the topics you excelled and also where you need more focus to clear an interview. You will also gain an insight into your competencies concerning your job applications. Mock interviews and sample answers from these sessions accustom you to ace any interview.
*Available as an additional addon.

About Our Course Advisors

  • I’ve only ever handled the business side of things and was afraid my lack of any technical background would prevent me from entering the data analytics field. Not true! Just cleared my interview for my first data analytics job. Thanks greycampus!
    - Martha Eynard
  • I was deliberating on whether to take up an MBA or catch the Data Science wave. Went with the latter and went with Greycampus. I’m happy with my decision, having landed a job in a week of having finished my course.
    - Charlie Pozniak
  • Took up this course with my friend to make better use of my weekends and it paid off. We’re not just software developers for our company anymore coz we get to head our first data science project!
    - Nigel Colbert, Ravi Krishnamurti

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take up this program?
Data Scientist is a rewarding career choice for new as well as experienced professionals, including:

  • Professionals willing to take up a career in Data Science
  • Professionals of diverse backgrounds IT Professionals, Finance Professionals, Marketing Managers, among others
  • Business Analysts who want to learn Python, Machine learning, Hadoop, Spark and Tableau
  • Beginners or Graduates who want to build their career in Data Science
What are the Prerequisites?
There are no prerequisites for enrolling in the GreyCampus Data Scientist Program. The course assumes no knowledge from you, as it covers the basics before diving deep into the tools and platforms that are used in data science. This course will provide the required degree of knowledge in data science, programming, and statistics to get you to pace with live instruction training and project work.
Should the program be completed in a specific order of courses?
The Data Scientist Program path recommends an ideal learning process for becoming a Data Scientist. However it does not enforce the learner to follow the precise order of course completion. Thus, the learner can complete the course in the order they intend to learn.
What is the Capstone Project?
The Capstone project helps the learner consolidate their entire Data Scientist program learnings. In this project, the learner needs to understand a business case and present a solution for all the problem statements mentioned in the project. A Project Completion Certificate is awarded after a successful evaluation of the project
What job roles will the Certificate Program in DS prepare you for?
GreyCampus’ program created in collaboration with IBM, has been developed keeping in mind the industry’s requirements and evolution in terms of the Data Science domain. Post the completion of this program, the job titles ideally suited for the learner are:

  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analysts
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Principal Scientist
  • Data and Analytics Manager
  • Statistical Programming Specialist

Why GreyCampus?
GreyCampus’s effective learning platform blends live online-training, self-paced courses, hands-on labs, and social forums to bring an engaging learning experience.
  • Self-Paced courses: Course developed by industry veterans that you can learn at your own pace
  • Online training: Engage yourself in high quality, interactive online classes taught by industry experts that can be attended from anywhere around the world
  • Practice Labs: Gain hands-on experience with our integrated labs and case studies
  • Applied Projects: Industry relevant real-world projects and case studies to implement the knowledge gained
  • Support team: Get the right technical support to resolve your doubts and queries
  • Career Services (available as a separate, optional addon)
When can I avail the Interview preparatory support?
This service can be availed towards the end of completing your program (75% completion of the program). After availing for the career support service, you will instantly receive interview preparatory support as a welcome note.

When can I avail the Profile Building Assistance?
This service can be availed along with the interview preparatory service towards the end of the program  (75% completion of the program). You can avail this when you are ready to look for a job, we will immediately proceed to the profile building assistance. This entire process may take up to a week depending on the work your profile needs. 

When can I avail Mock Interviews?
This service can be availed from the 3rd month of the program. As part of this process, we reach you and schedule one to many mock interviews based on the availability of dates.

How long will this service be available ?
This service is available for 3 months from the date of starting this service. 

What is the cancellation and refund policy for Certificate Program in Data Science?

This program is being delivered in partnership with a third party Organization (IBM). In the event of a cancellation from your side, we'll not be able to apply a refund to your payment. You may however transfer your registration to another person.

In the unlikely event that we cancel or reschedule a program schedule, we'll give you the option to either ask for a full refund or get a free transfer to another set of dates.

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