DevOps with AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins and AWS CodeDeploy Training Course

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If you’re interested in building automated DevOps pipelines, this course is for you. This course helps you master this space and command a decent income in no time. And you have the flexibility to work as an employee or a consultant.

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Course Overview

With so many startups around today, the real key for success lies in delivering the results at the fastest pace. This requires automation and continuous upgrade so that a fast pace can be maintained. This course teaches you the best practices for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using toolsets of AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy. You will also learn Jenkins which will help you build very sophisticated automated pipelines.

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Course Outline

About Instructor
About Learner
Software build and release processes
Why implement continuous integration, delivery and deployme
A simple CD pipeline with AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDepl
AWS CodePipeline
How AWS CodePipeline works
AWS CodeDeploy
How AWS CodeDeploy works
Deployment with AWS CodeDeploy
How Jenkins Works
Continuous delivery with AWS CodePipeline, Jenkins
DevOps - oppotunities, jobs and salaries
Project Setup
CI/CD with relational databases
Project component setup
Setup postgreSQL database in AWS RDS
Setup Node.JS HAPI RESTful API project
Setup sqitch (database schema framework)
CI and CD pipeline deep dive
Setup AWS roles and prerequisites
Setup Jenkins in AWS EC2
Create AWS CodeDeploy application
Review appSpec.yml file
Setup Jenkins job
build CD pipeline
Next Steps
Build and deployment notifications
CI/CD pipeline with source code changes
CI/CD pipeline with database schema changes
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