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GreyCampus Computer Vision course is developed to help learners familiarise themselves with new applications of computer vision techniques aligned with deep learning. The course covers the techniques that focus on enhancing the ability of a machine to extract information which means converting the images to textual data involving the theory following artificial systems.


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What you get 

1. 21 hours spread across 7 days of highly interactive online training.

2. A project to provide hands-on training

3. Teaching assistance to support your learning journey

4. Learn the required skills using Jupyter Notebook web application


The learners who are willing to take up the Computer Vision certification course must have an understanding of basic statistics, data science, and machine learning.

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Why get certified ?

Highly interactive Online Training

Project to get your hands dirty

Teaching assistance to support your learning journey

Course Curriculum


Best For

• Data Scientists and Analysts

• Professionals willing to learn applications like facial recognition and object tracking

• Data-Engineers

• Professionals looking to become AI/ML Engineer


Upcoming Schedules


The following are the schedules for some of our upcoming boot camps - do reach out to us if you need customized dates!

On-demand self-learning
Access to video lectures, simulated tests, and 24*7 support.
USD 50
Group Training

For group enrolment of 5+ students or custom training requirements.

Student Experiences

  • stars stars stars stars stars

    Christopher Bernales

    The training was very helpful. It successfully delivered its goal of helping us prepare for the certification. The trainer was very accommodating and flexible. It helped that he had a pleasant and approachable personality. Couldn't thank enough Grey Campus for the experience and help.

  • stars stars stars stars stars

    Raleigh Santos

    Great Support from the central team and the facilitator!


Computer Vision is an interdisciplinary field of study. This field includes methods for collecting, processing, interpreting and understanding images, and videos automatically. It deals with enabling computers to process high level and complex digital images and videos. Its principal objective is to process pictures critically the way a human eye does for various outcomes. The course provides a more in-depth understanding of the role of Convolutional Neural networks. Further, it talks about the knowledge of transfer learning, object localization, object detection, and using TensorFlow. Finally, the course talks about segmentation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that deals with visual data. It aims to successfully recognize and classify objects or other cues from images and videos by training neural networks.

21 hours spread across 7 days of highly interactive online training.

Yes, the course comes with a project for you to gain hands-on experience.

Become a certified Computer Vision Professional