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At GreyCampus we continually keep adding to our course portfolio. To develop new and upgrade our current courses, we seek out experts to create relevant course components in tune with Industry trends and Certification requirements. If you are a certified individual with significant experience in delivering training in your area of expertise, please get in touch!
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By Professionals,

For Professionals.

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The Course

Powerful Videos.

Effective Learning.

A well designed, thought through video makes learning simple and easy. You are the expert, and you know best how to bring the learner up to speed.

Spotlight On You

The core component of a course video is a live recording of you delivering a class to the camera. Videos are shot against a green background to Chroma key it out during editing.

Up to


Video Duration
**Note. if you are in India, you can also opt to use our studio in Hyderabad, IN to record the videos.

This is then combined with a recording of your computer screen, and other elements like Slideshows, Images, Animations and even Additional Videos that use throughout the class.

The Result

An Engaging Experience.

Payment Models

Choose one that
works for you.

One-time fee on
project completion.

Get paid a flat fee on satisfactory completion of the project or on specific milestones within the project. All intellectual property rights will lie with GreyCampus.

Revenue share on
individual registrations.

Get a share of the revenue for every subscription - 70% if you bring the student, 30% otherwise. IP rights are owned jointly by you, the instructor, and GreyCampus.
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