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Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis Training Course

4k learners

Today’s businesses are more data-driven which requires more analytical skills. This introduction course is designed to enhance your skills in analyzing various aspects of a business with the help of various analysis in excel. The course covers 8 major types of analysis; comparison analysis, trend analysis, ranking analysis, variance analysis, contribution analysis, frequency analysis, correlation analysis and Pareto analysis.

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Program Overview

It is mandatory to keep a check on the progress of the business through various aspects. The assessment derived from all these multiple sources is known as Data Analysis. To analyze various aspects of the business, people use a tool such as excel. Introduction to Data analysis is the course to help you understand how to apply the data analysis to your business. In this course, you will learn the use of Excel to deploy various analysis techniques.

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Program Outline

  • Introduction
    Introduction to Business Data Analysis
    Importance of Data Analysis
    Download the Sales Training Data Source
    Download the Employee Master data file
  • Preparing Data for Analysis
    Introduction to Preparing Data for Analysis
    Preparing Data for Analysis
    Dealing with Common Data Problems
  • Data Analysis - Key Metrics
    Introduction to Key Metrics
    Introduction to Key Metrics
    Creating Key Metrics
    Key Metrics with Filters
    Key Metric Practical Activity
    Practical Activity Key Metrics
  • Comparison Analysis
    Introduction to Comparison Analysis
    Comparison Analysis Part 1
    Comparison Analysis Part2
    Comparison Practical Activity
    Practical Activity Comparison
    • Trend Analysis
      Introduction to Trend Analysis
      Trend Analysis Part 1
      Trend Analysis Part 2
      Trend Practical Activity
      Trend Analysis Practical Activity
    • Ranking Analysis
      Introduction to Ranking Analysis
      Ranking Analysis Part 1
      Ranking Analysis Part 2
      Ranking Practical Activity
      Practical Activity Ranking Analysis
    • Interactive Dashboard Creation
      Introduction to Interactive Dashboards
      Interactive Dashboards 1
      Interactive Dashboards 2
    • Variance Analysis
      Intro to Variance Analysis
      Variance Analysis Part 1
      Variance Analysis Part 2
      Variance Practical Activity
      Practical Activity Variance Analysis
    • Contribution Analysis
      Intro to Contribution Analysis
      Contribution Analysis Part 1
      Contribution Analysis Part 2
      Contribution Practical Activity
      Contribution Analysis Practical Activity
    • Frequency Analysis
      Intro to Frequency Analysis
      Frequency Analysis Part 1
      Frequency Analysis Part 2
      Frequency Practical Activity
      Practical Activity Frequency Analysis
    • Correlation Analysis
      Intro to Correlation Analysis
      Correlation Analysis
      Correlation Practical Activity
      Practical Activty Correlation
    • Pareto Analysis
      Intro to Pareto Analysis
      Pareto Analysis
    • Conclusion

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