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Human Resources Management Training Course

2k learners

As a Manager, dive into the fundamentals of HRM to understand your role towards your people. This course helps you gain a factual and conceptual basis for developing skills towards solving human resourcing issues in managing employees, and in the aspects of legislation, policies, and procedures.

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USD 100

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Program Overview

In today's scenario, human resource functions are no longer an exclusive responsibility of dedicated HR and are shared by top-level management as well. The organizations look forward to hiring managers who are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to deal with the diffusion of these tasks. It is thus important for a Manager to understand how much of their role is about their people. 

GreyCampus Human Resource Management course provides a foundation for developing an approach towards the basic tools that assist you in handling numerous issues and situations like interviewing, orientation, discipline, harassment, discrimination, violence, and termination.

  • 1-year access to audio-video lectures
  • GreyCampus course completion certificate

Program Outline

  • Getting Started
    Getting Started
  • A History of Human Resources
    A History of Human Resources
  • The Interview Process
    The Interview Process
  • Employee Orientation
    Employee Orientation
    • Following Up with New Employees
      Following Up with New Employees
    • Workplace Safety
      Workplace Safety
    • Dealing with Harassment And Discrimination
      Dealing with Harassment And Discrimination
    • Workplace Violence
      Workplace Violence
    • Managing Employee Performance
      Managing Employee Performance
    • Disciplining Employees
      Disciplining Employees
    • Terminating Employees
      Terminating Employees

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