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Internet Marketing Fundamentals Training Course

4k learners

The age of the internet has disrupted the way of marketing on various levels but in a good way. This course gives a brief understanding of digital marketing and its features.

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Program Overview

Looking for a cost-effective way to market your product; the internet is your answer. The key to marketing is communication. With the internet and its broad reach communicating about your product becomes easy. We provide you this course to help you learn the fundamentals of Internet marketing. This course also teaches you to facilitate effective communication of your products to market them. This course is for anyone and everyone who wants to learn internet marketing/online marketing/digital marketing.

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Program Outline

  • Internet Marketing Fundamentals_Getting Started
    Internet Marketing Fundamentals
    Getting Started
  • SWOT Analysis in Marketing
    SWOT Analysis in Marketing
    SWOT Analysis in Marketing Case Study
  • Marketing Research
    Marketing Research
    Marketing Research Case Study
  • Real Time Marketing
    Real Time Marketing
    Real Time Marketing Case Study
    • Brand Management
      Brand Management
      Brand Management Management
    • Social Media (I)
      Social Media (I)
      Social Media (I) Case Study
    • Social Media (II)
      Social Media (II)
      Social Media (II) Case Study
    • SEO Basics
      SEO Basics
      SEO Basics Case Study
    • Website Characteristics
      Website Characteristics
      Website Characteristics Case Study
    • Capturing Leads
      Capturing Leads
      Capturing Leads Case Study
    • Campaign Characteristics
      Campaign Characteristics
      Campaign Characteristics Case Study
    • Wrapping Up

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