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Introduction to Marketing Training Program

4k learners

This course offers an effective and simple step-by-step way to learn and master the basic concepts and principles of Marketing.

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Program Overview

Business means an activity to earn money by way of providing goods or services. In any scenario, there are two parties involved, a buyer and a seller. Marketing is the study of how exchange happens in business and managing the terms with buyers. With the intent of making you excel in marketing, we bring here a course that is meant for people from all walks of business. The course provides insight into what marketing is and the understanding of the customer's behavior. Various channels for marketing like the Internet, social media, Search Engines, and techniques for effective offline marketing.

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Program Outline

  • Course Introduction
    Course Introduction
    Exercise and Checklist
  • Introduction to Marketing
    Economic Roots of Marketing
    Marketing from a Business Owner's Perspective
    Difference Between Marketing and Advertising
    Unique Value Propositions
    UVP Examples
  • Identifying Your Customers
    Identifying Your Target Market
    Exercise - Find and Talk to Your Customers
    Creating an Ideal Customer Avatar
    Calculating Your Target Market Size
  • Basic Marketing Principles
    Social Media Marketing
    Content Marketing
    Content Marketing Examples
    Affiliate Marketing
    Sales Funnels
    Paid Marketing
    The Net Promoter Score
    The Biggest Secret of Marketing Success
    • Marketing Plans
      Creating a Marketing Strategy
      Two Ways to Create a Marketing Plan
    • Your Online Presence
      Leveraging Large Platforms
      Creating Your Own Online Presence
      Online Presence Examples
    • Additional Strategies
      Product Quality is a Great Selling Tool
      Driving Traffic from Your Email Signature
    • Building a Team
      Building a Sales Team
      Pitfalls of Outsourcing Your Marketing
    • Basic Search Engine Optimization
      Introduction to SEO
      History of SEO
      SEO for New Websites
      Meta Title and Meta Keyword
      Intro to Keyword Research
      Common SEO Mistakes
      Top SEO Ranking Factors
      Finding Good Links for SEO
    • Using Google Analytics
      Intro to Google Analytics
      Setting Up Google Analytics
      Real Life Example
      A/B Testing Explained
      A/B Testing Example
    • Offline Marketing
      Offline Marketing
      Business Networking
      Brick and Mortar Stores

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