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Microsoft 70-461: Querying SQL Server 2012 Training Course

4k learners
This course is best suited for participants who have a desire to learn but more importantly for SQL database administrators, system engineers and developers who intend to clear the Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 exam. It is required that you pass the 70-461 Exam in order to earn your MCSA: SQL Server certification from Microsoft.
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Program Overview

The Microsoft 70-461 exam is for those working as SQL Server Database administrators, System engineers, and experienced developers. This exam tests their skills and knowledge of writing queries. Here we bring you the best-in-class course that prepares you for taking up the Microsoft 70-461 exam. 

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Program Outline

  • Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    Course Introduction Part1
    Course Introduction Part2
    Course Modules
  • Module 1
    Introduction to SQL Server 2012 Part1
    Introduction to SQL Server 2012 Part2
    Introduction to SQL Server 2012 Part3
    SQL Instances Part1
    SQL Instances Part2
    SQL Instances Part3
    Editions and Licensing Part1
    Editions and Licensing Part2
    SQL Server Objects
    System Databases
    SQL Server Data Tools
    Object Explorer Part1
    Object Explorer Part2
    Object Scripting Part1
    Object Scripting Part2
    Template Explorer Part1
    Template Explorer Part2
    Query Tabs Part1
    Query Tabs Part2
    Projects and Solutions Part1
    Projects and Solutions Part2
    Customizing SSDT Part1
    Customizing SSDT Part2
    Debugging T-SQL Part1
    Debugging T-SQL Part2
    SQLCMD Part1
    SQLCMD Part2
    Exam Scenarios
    Module Review
  • Module 2
    T-SQL Overview Part1
    T-SQL Overview Part2
    T-SQL Overview Part3
    T-SQL Elements Part1
    T-SQL Elements Part2
    Batch Separators Part1
    Batch Separators Part2
    Line Terminator Part1
    Line Terminator Part2
    Variables Part1
    Variables Part2
    Control Flow Part1
    Control Flow Part2
    Expressions Part1
    Expressions Part2
    Functions Part1
    Functions Part2
    Predicates and Operators Part1
    Predicates and Operators Part2
    Predicates and Operators Part3
    SELECT Part1
    SELECT Part2
    SELECT Part3
    Column Aliasing Part1
    Column Aliasing Part2
    SELECT Execution Part1
    SELECT Execution Part2
    Exam Scenarios
    Module Review
  • Module 3
    SELECT Statements Part1
    SELECT Statements Part2
    Basic SELECT Statement Part1
    Basic SELECT Statement Part2
    Specifying Columns Part1
    Specifying Columns Part2
    Derived Columns Part1
    Derived Columns Part2
    Aliasing Columns Part1
    Aliasing Columns Part2
    Calculated Columns Part1
    Calculated Columns Part2
    Ordering Results Part1
    Ordering Results Part2
    Ordering Results Part3
    Ordering Results Part4
    Returning Distinct Results Part1
    Returning Distinct Results Part2
    Exam Scenarios
    Module Review
    • Module 4
      Filtering Part1
      Filtering Part2
      WHERE Syntax Part1
      WHERE Syntax Part2
      WHERE Syntax IN
      Filtering NULL Values
      Data Type Comparison
      Filtering Data with WHERE Part1
      Filtering Data with WHERE Part2
      Filtering Data with WHERE Part3
      TOP Part1
      TOP Part2
      OFFSET-FETCH Part1
      OFFSET-FETCH Part2
      Exam Scenarios
      Module Review
    • Module 5
      Join and Set Operators
      Using Joins Part1
      Using Joins Part2
      Categories of Joins
      JOIN Demo
      Set Operators Part1
      Set Operators Part2
      Set Operators Part3
      Set Operators Part4
      Set Operators Demo
      Exam Scenarios
      Module Review
    • Module 6
      Subqueries and Table Expressions
      Subqueries Part1
      Subqueries Part2
      Self Contained Subquery
      Correlated Subquery
      Subquery Demo
      EXISTS Part1
      EXISTS Part2
      EXISTS Part3
      Common Table Expressions Part2
      Common Table Expressions Part1
      Temporary Tables
      Table Variables
      Table Demo
      Exam Scenarios
      Module Review
    • Module 7
      System Functions Part1
      System Functions Part2
      Scalar Functions
      System Function Demo
      Aggregate Functions Part1
      Aggregate Functions Part2
      Aggregation Demo
      GROUP BY Part1
      GROUP BY Part2
      HAVING Part1
      HAVING Part2
      Conversion Functions Part1
      Conversion Functions Part2
      Conversion Functions Part3
      Conversion Functions Part4
      Exam Scenarios
      Module Review
    • Module 8
      T-SQL Programming
      Logical Functions Part1
      Logical Functions Part2
      IIF, CHOOSE and CASE
      Logical Function Demo Part1
      Logical Function Demo Part2
      Using Views Part1
      Using Views Part2
      Stored Procedures
      Views Demo Part1
      Views Demo Part2
      Views Demo Part3
      TRY CATCH Part1
      TRY CATCH Part2
      Exam Scenarios
      Module Review
    • Module 9
      Introduction to Transactions Part1
      Introduction to Transactions Part2
      Transactions Demo Part1
      Transactions Demo Part2
      Transactions Demo Part3
      Managing Transactions Part1
      Managing Transactions Part2
      Managing Transactions Demo Part1
      Managing Transactions Demo Part2
      Exam Scenarios
      Module Review
    • Module 10
      Query Performance
      Indexing Part1
      Indexing Part2
      Indexing Part3
      Index Strategies
      Indexes Demo Part1
      Indexes Demo Part2
      Execution Plans part1
      Execution Plans Part2
      Statistics IO
      Execution Plans Demo part1
      Execution Plans Demo part2
      Exam Scenarios
      Module Review
      Program Review

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