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PHP Object Oriented Programming: Build a Login System Training Course

4k learners

Learn in-demand skills by doing! This PHP Object Oriented Programming - Build a Login System course comes with all the design elements required to create an R/L system so that the participant can focus on learning the database structure and PHP coding.

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Program Overview

PHP is hypertext preprocessor and OOP is Object-Oriented Programming. OOP is a programming concept/model that helps achieve the most from a program. In this course, we bring you the knowledge of using PHP and OOP together. In this course, we shall start with the Installation of the PHP server and then we proceed into the basics of PHP. The next section covers the understanding of OOP. At the end of every section, you shall be having a thorough practice exercise. A basic understanding of HTML is advised for this course.

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Program Outline

  • Introduction
  • Database Setup
    Database and Directories Setup
  • Building a PHP OOP Registration and Login System
    Building Tables
    Database Wrapers

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