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Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals Training Course

2k learners

This course is designed to provide you with skills on the approach to solve a programming issue by creating advanced and easily maintainable Python applications with Object-Oriented Programming. You will learn how to maintain and organize Python code in an efficient way.

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Program Overview

Object-Oriented Programming helps to define and specify how a program behaves. Incorporating the same with Python makes it even more effective. All good programmers need to have knowledge of this language. This is so that they can use it over a variety of functions. It will also teach you to install the latest version of Python for your system. This course is ideal for students who are enthusiastic about Python and wish to enhance their skills. The course does this by helping them understand the OOP concept as used in Python.
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Program Outline

  • Introduction to the Course
    Course Introduction
    Installing Python IDE
  • Essential Constructs
    Section Introduction
    Class Construct
    The Special __init__ Method
    Class Variables
    Obtaining Class Attribute Values
    The Main Method
    Section Summary
    Exercise Live Demo
    Project Explanation
  • The Python Object
    Section Introduction
    How to Create an Object
    Obtaining Object Attributes
    Changing Object Attribute Values
    Accessing Objects Methods Part 1
    Accessing Objects Methods Part 2
    Section Summary
    Exercise Live Demo
    Exercise Explanation
  • The Constructor/Destructor Magic Methods
    Section Introduction
    The Constructor Part 1
    The Constructor Part 2
    Public Access modifiers
    Private Access Modifiers
    Section Summary
    Excerise Live Demo
    Project Explanation
    • Class Inheritance
      Section Introduction
      Building The Child Class Part 1
      Building The Child Class Part 2
      Building The Child Class Part 3
      Building The Parent Class Part 1
      Building The Parent Class Part 2
      Importing Classes
      Overriding Methods
      Section Summary
      Exercise Live Demo
      Exercise Explanation
    • Final Project
      Final Project Live Demo
      Final Project Explanation Part 1
      Final Project Explanation Part 2
    • Course Conclusion
      Course Conclusion

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