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Free Data Science Foundation Bootcamp

  • Knowledge-packed, project-based intensive program
  • Hands-on practice & live-online learning from the comfort of your home
  • Training and Mentoring from industry experts and super supportive TAs
  • A Certificate on successful completion of the program

Pick up Data Science by actually getting your hands dirty!
Wondering whether you should go through all the trouble? Take this Bootcamp if -

  • You are looking forward to start your data science career
  • You're on the fence on whether data science is the right choice
  • You want to see data science in action and talk to industry experts
  • You simply want to take up a data science project

Ready for a Data Science Career?

Year after year, the one profession that consistently ranks on top amongst emerging jobs is Data Science. Growing exponentially at more than 25% every year, Data Science finds increasing use in more and more industries by the day, with exciting applications such as self-driving cars, intelligent automation, and dynamic business decision support systems to show for. This is a growing profession whose demand in every industry and sector is increasing by the day.

Data Science is without a shadow of doubt, a bright and promising career choice

Program Curriculum

Designed by our trainers who come with years of industry experience, this bootcamp is a blend of both up-to-date theory and relevant practical application. Broadly, the topics we’ll cover in this program include:

  • Introduction to Linear Regression
  • Decision Tree Regression
  • Random Forest Regression
  • Decision Tree vs. Random Forest
  • Real-world Project

Project Overview: Predict the Success of a Startup

Apply your newly gained knowledge on Data Science to predict a startup's success. This project would require everything you have learned throughout the program to effectively build a Decision tree and a Random Forest to predict a startup's success. We will look at the top 50 startup trends and features to predict the success of a startup. This portfolio-worthy project demonstrates your proficiency with the most sought after skills of machine learning in the market

Ready to explore the world of Data Science?