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Data Science Foundation Training

99k learners

The Data Science foundation course provides you with an overall landscape of Data Science and also introduces you to analysing data using Python. The course covers concepts on probability, statistics fundamentals, hypothesis testing & data sets. By the end of the training you will be able to build a project and publish on your GitHub.

  • 16 Hours Instructor-led Training

  • Course Completion Certificate

  • Publish 1 Project in your GitHub

  • Free IBM Voucher

      For selected participants

Group Training

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Program Overview

The 2 day live instructor-led workshop by a Data Scientist is suitable from freshers to seasoned professionals. The training is a perfect mix of theoretical and practical sessions preparing you to analyse data sets using Python.

This training session will help you:

  • Understand the importance of Data Science & Applications
  • Learn the core concepts of probability and statistics for Data Science
  • Get acclimatized with R & R studio
  • Install Python software and get introduced to various Python IDEs
  • Work on data sets & analyse it
  • Implement & execute projects using Python

Program Outline


Learn the foundation mathematical, statistical & programming skills of Data Science.


The course content is aligned to equip you with the knowledge to build projects using Python.


Work on Exploratory Data Analytics of the Supermarket Chain project and publish it in your GitHub profile.

  • Introduction to Data Science
    Data Science Overview
    Terminologies in Data Science
    Applications of Data Science
    Life Cycle of a Data Science Projects
    Data Science Tools & Technologies
  • Probability & Statistics
    Probability for Data Science
    Measures of Central Tendency
    Measures of Dispersion
    Descriptive Statistics
    Probability Distributions
    Hypothesis Testing
  • Understanding Data
    Different Variable Data Types
    Variable Identification
    Introduction to dataset
  • Introduction to R, and R Studio
    What is R programming
    Installation of R software
    Basic code execution in R shell
    R packages & studio
    • Introduction to Python and IDE for python
      What is Python programming
      Installation of Python software
      Basic code execution in Python shell
      Various IDE options for Python
      Introduction and code execution in Spyder/Jupyter
    • Introduction to Working with Data
    • Creating project on GitHub
    • Data Cleaning and Exploration

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Frequently asked questions


What are the eligibility criteria for this course?

This training is open for all and has no eligibility criteria nevertheless brushing concepts of basic math and statistics is preferable but not mandatory.

What are the Free IBM Vouchers?

The IBM vouchers would enable you get certified by IBM; a globally recognized certification for the Data Science Basics course. Based on the trainers discretion10 participants of the batch are issued these vouchers.

What does the project Exploratory Data Analytics of the Supermarket Chain cover?

This project will help you understand and learn the techniques to:

  • Explore and draw insights from an available data set
  • Learn feature engineering from the knowledge of data exploration
  • Finally modelling the data set

Exploratory Data Analysis can help us map the hidden relations between various attribues present in our data before modelling with a machine learning model.

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