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Excel VBA Workshop

5k learners

Microsoft Excel is an essential, ubiquitous tool that's used everywhere from mom-and-pop stores to Fortune 500 heavyweights. Professionals across industries use Excel on a daily basis as an integral part of their job role.


  • Hands-on Workshop

  • 6-hour bootcamp training

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Program Overview

Although we use Excel every day, day after day, how many of us can honestly say that they know more than just the basics of this tremendously powerful software? Do you really know how that pretty-looking sales dashboard has been created?

This is just what we aim to solve through this Excel workshop VBA. Excel VBA is a powerful tool that enables the automation of tasks in Excel. And given the current economic scenario, we believe that sharpening your Excel skills in addition to your core work skills could mean the difference between having a job or having to look for one. This is especially true for people in Mid-level management positions…

Program Outline

  • Review of Developing Macros
    Create a Macro with the Macro Recorder
    Edit a Macro
    Debug a Macro
    Different ways of running a Macro
  • The Visual Basic Environment
    The Project Explorer
    Object Viewer
  • Writing VBA Code
    Immediate Window
    Watch Window
  • Performing Calculations
    Create User-defined Functions
    Automate SUM Functions
    • Communicating with the User
      Simple Message Boxes
      Message boxes that return values
      Buttons and icons
      Input Boxes
    • Variables
      Declaring Variables
      Using Variables
      Watching Variables
    • Control and Decision Structures
      Conditional Statements
      Decision Structures
      Select Case
    • Looping
      For next loops
      Do While
      Do Until
    • Error Trapping
      Understanding error handling
      Understanding VBA's error trapping options
      Trapping errors with the on error statement
      Understanding the error object
      Writing an error-handling routine
      Working with inline error handling
    • Debugging the Code
      Defining errors
      Working with debugging tools
      Determining breakpoints
      How to step through code
      Working with break mode during run mode
      Identifying the value of expressions
    • Event Procedures
    • User Forms
      Placing controls
      Aligning Controls

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