Fundamentals of Java Programming Training Course

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Java is one of the most commonly used object-oriented programming languages in the world and works on multiple platforms. The main application of this programming language is to develop web and mobile applications. It is secure, scalable, and dynamic which makes it easy and user-friendly.

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Course Overview

Java is the programming language that stands as a base for most of the application codes that are written around the world. Java is used in games, mobile application or any other program. They are written either in Java or in a script derived from Java. In this course, we shall learn how to install Java using the NetBeans program to write the codes. Further, this course contains the learning on how to start with Net Beans.

Course Outline


This course helps you to improve your logical thinking and enhance your programming skills.


The outline of this course is aligned to help beginners become better programmers by improving their skillset. 


By the end of this course, you will be able to apply real-world Object-Oriented Programming concepts.

Getting Started with NetBeans
Strings & Mathematical Operators
Methods (Functions)
Boolean Logic & IF ELSE Statements
Boolean Logic & IF ELSE Statements
For Loop
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Constructors (OOP)
Review of Concepts So Far
Multi-dimensional Arrays
Array Lists
Try Catch & Exceptions
String Functions
User Input
File Reading/Writing


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