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PHP is the most popularly used server-side programming language that has become progressively fast and powerful over the years. In this course, you will learn the basic programming concepts in PHP.

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Course Overview

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an open-source scripting language mostly used in HTML and web development. Here in this course, we will discuss the Basics of PHP starting from what PHP is and how it is used. We will then discuss how to set up a server using PHP and proceed to learn about the various mathematical and logical operators in PHP. This course is designed for all students and enthusiasts who wish to learn the PHP language.

Course Outline

Introduction to the Course
What Is PHP?
What Is PHP Used For?
Setting up a Web Server
Commenting Code
Outputting to a Page
Arithmetic Operators
If Statements
Comparison Operators
Triple Equals
Logical Operators
Switch Statement
Basic Arrays
Multi-dimensional Arrays
While Loop
Do While Loop
For Loops
Embedding PHP within HTML
A better way to display HTML
Arrays Part 1
Arrays Part 2
Cookies Part 1
Cookies Part 2
Radio Buttons
PHP Functions You Should Know Part 1
PHP Functions You Should Know Part 2
PHP Functions You Should Know Part 3
String Functions Part 1
String Functions Part 2
Date and Time Part 1
Date and Time Part 2
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Classes, Methods and Properties
Constructor Method
Protecting Methods_Properties
Extending a Class (Inheritance)
Class Constants
Static Properties and Methods
Scope Resolution Operators
Calculator Application Example
MySQL Database Example Part 1
MySQL Database Example Part 2
MySQL Database Example Part 3
PHP Error Reporting
Changing Maximum File Upload Size
Access Denied
Undefined Index
Cannot Modify Header Information
Supplied Argument Not a Valid MySQL Result
Unexpected $end
File Includes
File Uploading
Null Byte
Passing Variables
Session Hijacking
SQL Injection
XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)
Using Single or Double Quotes
Indenting Code
Anonymous Functions
Ternary Operator
Browser Identification
Self Submitting Forms
Include and Require
Quickly Return True_False
Tree Structures
Explode - String to Array
Implode - Array to String
Array Dereferencing
Creating Images with PHP


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