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Written by: Amelia Emma

Playing educational games is a great way to improve your Language Arts skills while having fun. English games help you practice skills covered during your language arts lessons and learn exciting new concepts. There are lots of great English games and resources online-whether you want to test your vocabulary, quiz your spelling, practice your punctuation, or just have fun with grammar. Search for games that interest you and challenge your English skills. Here are a few games and links to get you started:


  • Construct-A-Word Learn how letter combinations make new words with this online game.
  • Use this online game and find out how to build new words using prefixes
  • Between the Lions This word game from PBS helps you see the meaning of different words.
  • Anagram Farm Unscramble words using hints in this game from National Geographic Kids
  • Play this classic guessing game that tests your vocabulary
  • See how many different words you can make using these magnetic letters.
  • Similar Sounds Play timed word games that teach you words that have similar sounds and words that rhyme.
  • Science Word Scramble Figure out these mixed-up science terms!


  • Fling the Teacher Practice prepositional phrases with this clever online game.
  • Guess common idioms using just illustrations.
  • The Adjective Detective This game has several different activities that teach you about adjectives.
  • If you love sports, gather a group of friends and practice your English skills with grammar football.
  • Grammar Jeopardy Challenge yourself on topics like irregular verbs and subject-verb agreement.
  • Grammar Gorillas Play this game and help the grammar gorillas identify nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech.
  • Grammar Cleanup Clean bad grammar from the beach by placing words in correct trash bins.


  • Group Spelling Activities Find instructions to several spelling games you can play with friends.
  • Spelling Strategies Use these easy techniques to make your spelling studies fun.
  • Follow along unit by unit with puzzles, crosswords, and other activities.
  • These instructions teach you how to play a fun spelling and grammar game.
  • Look, Cover, Write, and Check Test your spelling knowledge with this interactive activity.
  • This list of fun activities provides interesting new ways to practice your spelling list.
  • Play this online game alone or with a friend and earn points through different spelling challenges.


  • Printable Punctuation Game (PDF) Print cards and directions for this teacher-developed group game, perfect for older kids.
  • Punctuating Sentences Practice your capitalization and periods with this interactive exercise.
  • Punctuation Campground This typing game teaches you to spot missing punctuation.
  • Use punctuation to spot complete sentences in this fun game.
  • Edit Dan’s Copy Help Dan correct the punctuation problems in his news report.
  • Answer these punctuation questions and play an interactive punctuation matching game.
  • Punctuation Splat Put the punctuation in the right place in this zany game.

Additional Resources

  • Have fun testing your knowledge of words that sound the same with this homophone quiz
  • Scripts for Skits Practice your reading with scripts for fun theater performances you can act out with your friends.
  • Puzzle Maker Exercise your English skills by making your own crosswords, word searches, and more.
  • Write an interesting story using any of these intriguing first opening lines.
  • SAG Foundation Storyline Practice you reading and follow along with activities as celebrities read picture books aloud.
  • Language Arts Activities for Young Readers Find spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, and sequencing activities based on popular books.
  • Subject-Predicate Worksheet (PDF) Do these quick worksheets to brush up on your subject and predicate knowledge.
  • Advanced Grammar Exercises Test yourself on a number of different grammar topics with these helpful quizzes.
  • Comma Worksheets (PDF) Study the different uses of the comma with these practice questions.
  • Character Creator Create characters and write their story using this interactive activity
  • Practice comma use rules then create a fun story with the help of this handout.
  • Grammar Blast Chooses grammar quizzes by grade level and topic.

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