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Blockchain technology is nothing but a digital ledger stored in a distributed network. It is not only limited to digital currencies but also has a wide application in distributing digital information in a most secure way. This technology has come to realize its potential in various fields like financial services, insurance, logistics and IT.

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Course Overview

Blockchain is a system where blocks or packets of data are connected to each other. They are connected through a systematic encrypted code termed a chain. Here in this course, we shall talk about the origins of blockchain technology, it's evolution and its significance. We shall also discuss Bitcoin and why it is different from Blockchain. This course is meant for developers and professionals engaged in cryptocurrencies.

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Course Outline

Course Overview
What is Blockchain
What is Crypto Curreny
Key Terms to know
Whats the difference
Blockchain Basics
Blockchain Transactions
Demo - Blockchain Explorers
Demo- Hashing
Blockchain Components
Blockchain Consensus Mining
Distributed Ledgers
Ethereum Basics
Demo - Ethereum Metamask
Smart Contracts (CorDapps)
Demo - IBM BaaS
Uses Cases
Value Creation (Tokens, Smart Contracts)
Bitcoin Overview
BTC/LTC Wallets
Wallet Demo
Mining as a Service
Ethereum Etherscan
Ethereum Ethernodes
Corda Transaction Whiteboard
CBSA Blockchain Certification


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