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If you want an eye-popping addition to your resume, Docker is one skill that pops! Like its name, Docker, this software could be likened to a cargo ship. It's used to package, load and deliver software with ease. Docker draws from the features of the Linux OS to automate app deployment. In this course, you'll get a complete guide and overview of using Linux so that you are not left behind if the Linux platform is new to you.

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Course Overview

Docker provides the facility to move software from one machine to another. It ensures that no part or piece of the software is lost and everything is delivered. The course starts with explaining the infrastructure of Docker, its installation on Windows and OSX. Then we proceed towards learning about images, containers, image creation, and how to run web servers. We go further with learning Docker Hub, Tag, Push and Pull messages, Docker Commands and to customize images.

  • 1-year access to audio-video lectures
  • Course completion certificate

Course Outline

Course Introduction
Section Introduction
What Is Docker
Docker Toolbox
Docker on Non Linux Machines
Installing Docker On Osx
Installing Docker On Windows
Section Summary
Section Introduction
Images And Containers
Creating An Image
Running A Web Server
Section Summary
Section Introduction
Docker Hub
Running Containers
Customizing An Image
Docker Commands
Section Summary
Section Introduction'
Running Wordpress
Section Summary
Course Summary


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