Introduction to Kubernetes Using Docker Training Course

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Docker is the world’s leading platform for software containerization.  Kubernetes is a system built by Google to automate the deployment, scaling, and administration of containerized applications created by Docker. This course provides everything you need to know about Kubernetes and Docker. 

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Course Overview

Docker provides the facility to move software from one machine to another. While ensuring that no part or piece of the software is lost and everything is delivered in a neat package. Kubernetes takes it one level further by automating them. In this course, you shall learn everything on how to use Docker and Kubernetes. We will start by familiarizing you with Google cloud and how to use Docker and Kubernetes with it. Then we shall learn to install Wordpress through Google Cloud.

  • 1-year access to audio-video lectures
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Course Outline

Course Structure
Course Agenda
Evolution Of Applications
Introduction Google Cloud Console
World of Microservices
Creating a Free Google Cloud Account
What is a Container
What is Docker
Installing Virtual Box
Installing Docker
Docker Hub
What Is Kubernetes
What is Google Cloud Shell
Google Container Engine Compute
Deep Dive into Architecture
Installing Apps with Native OS Tools Ubuntu
Running Images with Docker
Docker Hub Pull
Docker Build Create Own Images
Kubernetes Revisited
Creating New Project
Creating Cluster
Kubernetes UI Talking to Clusters
Deploying App to Cluster WP
Push Images Container Registry
Creating Cluster Guest Book
Deploying Redis Master
Deploying Redis Master Service
Deploying Redis Slave Controller
Deploying Redis Slave Service
Deploying Front End
Deploying External IP
Project Cleanup
Project Summary
Course Recap


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