Leadership Skills vs. Management Training Course

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This course will give you a complete understanding of the difference between leadership and management skills. With the completion of this course, you will be able to apply the knowledge in your work-space and deliver efficient results along with your team.
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Course Overview

To be a manager is a fascinating yet challenging job at once. A manager has to maintain the critical balance between when to lead and when to manage. We bring you this course that helps you gain knowledge on how to balance. It will help you to know about how to deal with various situations that a manager has to face. Circumstances such as hiring, managing the team and keeping them intact. 
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Course Outline

Course Introduction
What is leadership?
Brian Tracy's definition of leadership
Management styles
The difference between leadership and management
When to lead and when to manage
Your growth as a leader
Leadership and management of yourself as an entrepreneur
Traits of strong leaders
Traits of strong managers
Big priorities for your mid to long-term company direction
The Eisenhower Matrix
What exactly is correct feedback
Giving employee feed...
Situation Behavior Impact
How to take feedback
If you have to give negative feedback
Conflict handling or conflict resolution styles
Additional conflict resolution tips
After conflict
What is emotional intelligence?
Self awareness
Self awareness exercise
Self management
The four elements of relaxation
How to Improve Your Leadership Skills
Proof-read your comm...
Phone skills
Most important work relationship
5 factors of employee happiness
Getting employees to work better together
Rewards and employee recognition
What not to do as a leader
Partnering and business partners
Company of one
Hiring technique
Hiring your first employee
Different kinds of fits
Hiring on Fiverr
Hiring on UpWork
Hire for small projects first if possible


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