Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification would verify and establish your advanced level proficiency of implementing, performing, interpreting and applying Lean Six Sigma in any industry. It would certainly add value to your portfolio and help you explore better work opportunities to expand your career options.

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Exam Insights

The GreyCampus certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is a 150 question exam with an allotted time of 4 hours. A minimum score of 70% is required to achieve the Certification.

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About Certification

Post attaining 70% of Marks in the exam conducted by GreyCampus, you will be a certified Black Belt Professional 

Who can do this certification?

Since Lean Six Sigma is a framework that can be applied in any field or industry, anyone with an inclination towards organizational efficiency can take up this certification. If you are someone who leads complex improvement projects, typically in a full-time capacity, and are passionate about continuous improvement, then this certification will add a lot of value to your profile.


There are no prerequisites to attempt this certification exam.

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Skill Areas Covered

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Certification Exam

Become a certified professional by clearing the exam successfully.
USD 245

Certification Benefits

Spearhead Quality Improvement: The LSSGB certification is an excellent opportunity to authenticate your knowledge, to reduce organizational risks and improve business processes across industries including marketing, banking, HR, electronics, etc.
Fast-track Your Way Up The Corporate Ladder: With Six Sigma certifications, you gain a deeper understanding of quantifying financial benefits which can help you to reach top-level management positions.
Earn More: According to a study published by the American Society for Quality (ASQ), Six Sigma certified professionals earn $17,205 more on average compared to those without the training.



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Student Experiences

  • Josephine Walters

    Josephine Walters

    This certification program is awesome, it paved path to my career goals 

  • Pearl Divit

    Pearl Divit

    I wanted to change my industry, and this program helped me in it! Thank you GreyCampus 

Become a certified Black Belt Professional