Machine Learning with Python

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In collaboration with IBM, Greycampus presents a comprehensive Machine Learning training course that covers Python, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, Recommender Systems and many more industry-specific techniques and strategies of Machine Learning. Developed by industry experts, this course will bring you up to pace on all the strategies and tools that ML engineers incorporate in their work on a day-to-day basis.

  • Instructor-led training

  • 6 months e-learning access

  • 2 Projects

  • IBM Certification

  • GreyCampus Course Completion Certificate

USD 120

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Course Overview

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence where the focus is to develop computer programs that automate data analysis by learning and adapting through the experience without the need for precise programming. Our course has been designed to help you master machine learning concepts and techniques working with actual data, developing algorithms through supervised and unsupervised learning, performing classification and regression operations and constructing time series models. This course explores in depth the libraries and functionalities the python programming language offers for machine learning techniques in order to draw conclusions from data. The course includes 2 projects to solidify your knowledge and skills you've gained.

  • 30 hours spread across 8 days of highly interactive Instructor-led Training
  • 12 hours of self-paced learning
  • 2 projects to provide hands-on training
  • Teaching assistance to support your learning journey
  • Learn the required skills using Jupyter Notebook web application

Course Outline


Master machine learning concepts and techniques.


Receive certification to showcase your command of Machine Learning techniques.


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This training is being delivered in partnership with a third party Organization (IBM). In the event of a cancellation from your side, we'll not be able to apply a refund to your payment. You may however transfer your registration to another person.

In the unlikely event that we cancel or reschedule a training schedule, we'll give you the option to either ask for a full refund or get a free transfer to another set of dates.

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