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Microsoft Azure Administrator - AZ-104T00 Training Course

Status: Available

Related exam: AZ-104T00

Delivery method: Bootcamp

Price: USD 2,200

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Pass your AZ-104T00 exam

Get trained for the AZ-104T00 exam and pass it with confidence. This course explores the roles and responsibilities of a Microsoft Azure Administrator. The course is designed in accordance with the standard Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam AZ-104T00. 

Learn Advanced Azure Concepts

This course shall comprehensively explore the roles and responsibilities of a Microsoft Azure Administrator. Our program covers key cloud operations from scaling up, to deploying applications, to securing identities, and more. 

Become a Certified Azure Administrator

Amplify your career and become a certified Microsoft Azure professional. Azure Administrators manage the cloud services that span storage, networking, and compute cloud capabilities. Get a clear understanding of each service across the full IT lifecycle and excel in your career.


What you'll learn

You will dive into the essentials of cloud environment monitoring and administration. The course  features latest theoretical insights and practical online labs delivered by the industry leaders. With focus on exam preparation the course covers networking, storage and databases. See the full course curriculum.

What you'll get


Proven training method

GreyCampus students get access to exclusive lectures and product demos led by some of the world's leading subject matter experts and professionals.


Clear career path

When you complete your course, you will take the AZ-104T00 exam with confidence and become a certified Microsoft Azure professional. Boost your LinkedIn profile and enroll today!



By signing up for the program you are not only getting access to the most up-to-date resources and training materials but also joining a community of like-minded professionals and leaders.

Who should attend

The course is best suitable for students who have experience with one or more of the following:

  • On-premises virtualization technologies: - VMs, virtual networks, and virtual hard disks.
  • Computer Networks: - Network configuration, TCP/IP, DNS, VPNs, firewalls, and encryption technologies.
  • Active Directory concepts: - domains, forests, replication between domain controllers, and protocols such as Kerberos and LDAP.
  • Disaster recovery and resiliency of the cloud: - performing operations of backup and restoration

Best for

  • Professionals in IT who wish to develop knowledge of Cloud services
  • Senior management officials who want to understand the benefits from Cloud Computing
  • Students preparing for  AZ-104T00 exam
  • Professionals aiming to use PaaS solutions and storage services to deploy end-to-end cloud solutions

Program Curriculum

  • Identity

    •Azure Active Directory

    •Users and Groups

    •Lab and Review Questions

  • Governance and Compliance

    •Subscriptions and Accounts

    •Azure Policy

    •Role-Based Access Control

    •Lab and Review Questions

  • Azure Administration

    •Azure Resource Manager

    •Azure Portal and Cloud Shell

    •Azure PowerShell and CLI

    •ARM Templates

    •Lab and Review Questions

  • Virtual Networking

    •Virtual Networks

    •IP Addressing

    •Network Security Groups

    •Azure Firewall

    •Azure DNS

    •Lab and Review Questions

  • Intersite Connectivity

    •VNet Peering

    •VPN Gateway Connections

    •ExpressRoute Connections

    •Lab and Review Questions

  • Network Traffic Management

    •Network Routing and Endpoints

    •Azure Load Balancer

    •Azure Application Gateway

    •Azure Traffic Manager

    •Lab and Review Questions

  • Azure Storage

    •Storage Accounts

    •Blob Storage

    •Storage Security

    •Azure Files and File Sync

    •Managing Storage

    •Lab and Review Questions

  • Azure Virtual Machines

    •Virtual Machine Planning

    •Creating Virtual Machines

    •Virtual Machine Availability

    •Virtual Machine Extensions

    •Lab and Review Questions

  • Serverless Computing

    •Azure App Service Plans

    •Azure App Services

    •Container Services

    •Azure Kubernetes Service

    •Lab and Review Questions

  • Data Protection

    •File and Folder Backups

    •Virtual Machine Backups

    •Lab and Review Questions

  • Monitoring

    •Azure Monitor

    •Azure Alerts

    •Log Analytics

    •Network Watcher

    •Lab and Review Questions


  • What other Microsoft Azure courses do you offer?

    We offer courses in accordance for the following : 

    • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals - AZ-900T01

    • Developing solutions for Microsoft Azure - AZ-204T00

    • Designing an Infrastructure Strategy - AZ-301T04-AC

    • Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure - AZ-300T01

  • Will there be online labs included in the course?

    Yes. The course is filled with labs, with a total of 17 online labs over the course of 11 modules.