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Natural Language Processing Training Course

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GreyCampus’ Natural Language Processing training course has been developed to familiarize learners with computational models based on machine learning and deep learning methods that can derive meaning from the natural human language. This course helps learners get an in-depth knowledge of concepts like statistical machine translation, deep semantic similarity model, techniques of deep reinforcement learning, visual question answering, among others.


Highly interactive bootcamp training

Project to provide hands-on experience

Teaching assistance to support your learning journey

Course Overview

Natural Language Processing is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence that applies analytical tools to process and analyze huge natural language data. This course begins with the basics of NLP and feature engineering before moving on to the techniques by which natural language can be computed and generated, what processing libraries are out there for NLP and finally, NLP in the context of ML and the methods of speech recognition.

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Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing
  • Feature Engineering on Text Data
  • Natural Language Understanding Techniques
  • Natural Language Generation
  • Natural Language Processing Libraries
  • Natural Language Processing with Machine Learning and Deep Learning

What You Get

1. 21 hours spread across 7 days of highly interactive bootcamp training

2. A project to provide hands-on training

3. Teaching assistance to support your learning journey

4. Learn the required skills using Jupyter Notebook web application


  • Natural Language Processing Sample Certificate

    Course Completion Certificate from GreyCampus

Boost your career. Get certified.


The learners who are willing to take up the Natural Language Processing certification course must have an understanding of basic statistics, data science, and machine learning.


  • What is NLP?

    Put simply, it’s the branch of computer science that aims to process human speech and communication through computational devices. Examples of applications that use NLP are Alexa, Siri and spell-checking and auto-complete.

  • What is the duration of this course?

    21 hours spread across 7 days of highly interactive bootcamp training

  • What is the cancellation and refund policy for Natural Language Processing Training?

    In the event of a cancellation from your side, we'll not be able to apply a refund to your payment. You may, however, transfer your registration to another person.

    In the unlikely event that we cancel or reschedule a training schedule, we'll give you the option to either ask for a full refund or get a free transfer to another set of dates.

  • Does this course have project work?

    Yes! We believe that the only way to not lose the knowledge you gain is by applying it. This course comes with a project that will help you put your learning and understanding of the test.

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