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About Hadoop Administrator

Big Data Administrator Certification is perfect for the aspirants who want to make their career in Big data Sector. A Hadoop Administrator will be capable to follow a strategy to preserve and store the data. The career opportunities for Hadoop Certified candidates very huge compared to non-certified candidates over the last few years.

Responsibilities of Big Data Administrator:

a. Maintain security of Hadoop cluster

b. Maintain HDFS

c. Implement Hadoop Infrastructure

d. Coordinate with the data delivery teams to set up new Hadoop users

e. File System maintenance should be done

f. Working with the application teams to install the operating system and Hadoop updates

g. Maintain Data and Security privacy

h. Performance tuning of Hadoop cluster

Skills Required:

  • Knowledge on Linux environment and HBase

  • Candidate should have a hands-on experience in Hive and Ozzie Problem solving skills

  • Familiarity with troubleshooting of core java is required


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