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What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML) is the ability of a machine to learn by itself; the machine has the ability to perform functions with minimum or no human interference. You will learn more about this in the section, “Introduction to supervised and unsupervised Learning"
Data Science and Machine Learning 
Now, let us go in detail into what this new phenomenon in Data Science is. Machine Learning is the latest phrase that is trending across various business fields, this is considerably a new development. Machine Learning is a field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is a way of achieving AI. Through machine learning one can solve various complex mathematical problems, some complicated business problems; wherein, existing mathematical models fail to capture our intentions, what we want to do and what we want the result to be; i.e., the output. Earlier mathematical models worked with small amount of data; but, with the advent of Big Data Analytics, the traditional models are not able to give us the desired output. It is important to note that 90 percent of available data has been generated in the last four years. This is why Machine Learning has become so important; it being a way of achieving AI, we are aiming to make the machine as intelligent as the human brain. 
In this pursuit, we are using various techniques that root from the environment around us and the human brain itself. One such technique is the evolutionary computing; wherein, we use Darwin’s theory- also known as biology inspired computing. Another development is the rise of deep learning, a form of Machine Learning, which is based on artificial neural networks.