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Planning and Administering SharePoint 2016 - 20339-1AC Training Course

Status: Available

Exam: SharePoint 2016 IT Pro certification

Delivery method: Online

Price: USD 2,750

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Understand the SharePoint Environment

The course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to plan and administer a Microsoft SharePoint 2016 environment. The program is offered in the live bootcamp format to help you get the most out of the training. 

Configure and deploy web applications

Gain the skills required to deploy, administer, and troubleshoot your SharePoint environment. Delivered by field practitioners the course offers guidelines, best practices, and considerations that help you optimize your SharePoint deployment.


What you'll learn

This course is based on the objectives of the course version 20339-1A. The program covers everything from designing the information architecture to installing and configuring SharePoint to secure deployment and monitoring. You will learn all the details of configuring user profiles, managing taxonomy, configuring search, and more. 

What you'll get


Proven training method

GreyCampus students get access to exclusive lectures and product demos led by some of the world's leading subject matter experts and professionals.


Clear career path

When you complete your course, you will take the Microsoft Azure Developer Associate certification exam with confidence and become a certified Microsoft Azure professional. Boost your LinkedIn profile and enroll today!



By signing up for the program you are not only getting access to the most up-to-date resources and training materials but also joining a community of like-minded professionals and leaders. 

Who should attend

IT professionals who wish to learn more about SharePoint 2016, which includes installation, deploying, configuring to be done either on Cloud or in a Data Center.

Students with two years of experience with other core technologies on which SharePoint depends.

Program Curriculum

  • Introducing SharePoint 2016

    •Module Overview

    •Key components of a SharePoint deployment

    •New features in SharePoint 2016

    •SharePoint 2016 deployment options

    •Module Review and Takeaways

  • Designing an information architecture

    •Module Overview

    • Identifying business requirements

    •Understanding business requirements

    •Organizing information in SharePoint 2016

    •Planning for discoverability

    •Module Review and Takeaways

  • Designing a logical architecture

    •Module Overview

    •Overview of the SharePoint 2016 logical architecture

    •Documenting your logical architecture

    •Module Review and Takeaways

  • Designing a physical architecture

    •Module Overview

    •Designing physical components for SharePoint deployments

    •Designing supporting components for SharePoint deployments

    •SharePoint farm topologies

    •Mapping a logical architecture design to a physical architecture design

    •Module Review and Takeaways

  • Installing and configuring SharePoint 2016

    •Module Overview

    •Installing SharePoint 2016

    •Scripting installation and configuration of SharePoint 2016

    •Configuring SharePoint 2016 farm settings

    •Module Review and Takeaways

  • Creating web applications and site collections

    •Module Overview

    •Creating web applications

    •Configuring web applications

    •Creating and configuring site collections

    •Module Review and Takeaways

  • Planning and configuring service applications

    •Module Overview

    •Introduction to service application architecture

    •Creating and configuring service applications

    •Module Review and Takeaways

  • Managing users and permissions, and securing content

    •Module Overview

    •Configuring authorization in SharePoint 2016

    •Managing access to content

    •Module Review and Takeaways

  • Configuring authentication for SharePoint 2016

    •Module Overview

    •Overview of authentication

    •Configuring federated authentication

    •Configuring server-to-server authentication

    •Module Review and Takeaways

  • Securing a SharePoint 2016 deployment

    •Module Overview

    •Securing the platform

    •Configuring farm-level security

    •Module Review and Takeaways

  • Managing taxonomy

    •Module Overview

    •Managing content types

    •Understanding managed metadata

    •Configuring the managed metadata service

    •Module Review and Takeaways

  • Configuring user profiles

    •Module Overview

    •Configuring the User Profile Service Application

    •Managing user profiles and audiences

    •Module Review and Takeaways

  • Configuring Enterprise Search

    •Module Overview

    •Understanding the Search Service Application architecture

    •Configuring Enterprise Search

    •Managing Enterprise Search

    •Module Review and Takeaways

  • Monitoring and maintaining a SharePoint 2016 environment

    •Module Overview

    •Monitoring a SharePoint 2016 environment

    •Tuning and optimizing a SharePoint 2016 environment

    •Planning and configuring caching

    •Troubleshooting a SharePoint 2016 environment

    •Module Review and Takeaways


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