Powerful Reports & Dashboards with Microsoft Power BI Training Course

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In light of the importance of reports and analysis in today’s world, we have designed an effective course that will enhance your report designing skills and enabling you to leverage data that can be used to solve problems, share insights and make informed decisions.

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Course Overview

Power BI is the tool that is very popular especially with those who are involved with analyzing Data as a profession. To use this tool one must have some basic knowledge of Excel/Spreadsheets. In this course, we shall learn about the Power BI tool, how to create various charts and visualizations in it. Further, you will also learn how to generate reports with live visualizations. You will also be taught how to access these reports through other electronic devices like mobiles and tablets.

  • 1-year access to audio-video lectures
  • GreyCampus course completion certificate

Course Outline

Introduction to PowerBI
Signing up for PowerBI
Download the Power BI Desktop Designer
Introduction to Reports in Power BI
Answers to Tables and Metrics Practical Activity
Table Styles, Formatting and Conditional Formatting
Changing the Method of Aggregation
Challenge 2 Completed
Tables and Cards
The Quick Calc Option
Filtering Data - Using Slicers
Filtering Data - Visual Filters
Filtering Data - Page Filters
New Feature - New Tables and Matrix Visualizations
New Feature - DrillThrough Filter
New Feature - Quick Measures
Column Graphs
Stacked and 100% Graphs
Graph Options
Trend Analysis Graphs
Additional Graphs
New Feature - Ribbon Chart
Creating Interactive Dashboards
Publishing Dashboards
Pinning and Q & A
Sharing Dashboards
Power BI on Mobile
New Feature - Themes
New Feature - Change in Custom Visuals
New Feature - Creating Power BI Apps
New Feature - Relative Filters Part 1
New Feature - Relative Filters Part 2
DAX Formulas
Time Intelligenc
Formatting Dates
Date Master Tables
Introduction to DAX Measures
The Calculate Formula
Creating and Managing Relationships in Power BI
Using Custom Visualizations in Power BI
Using the Related Formula
Transforming Data with Power BI
Aggregating Data
Introduction to Analyze Power BI Data with Excel
Creating Measures for Excel Analysis
Additional Measures for Excel


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