R3 Corda Blockchain Fundamentals Training Course

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This course is designed for technical architects, pre-sales architects, developers, and project managers who must make technical decisions about distributed architectures and development platforms.
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Course Overview

Blockchain is a term that is popularly used for describing a technological advancement related to cryptocurrencies. It merely means a platform that records transactions such that they cannot be edited or manipulated. This technology of storing non-editable data such that it is connected is called blockchain. Here in this course, we are going to learn what blockchain is and how it works. You will also learn how to use it in Corda and how to apply it as a ledger.
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Course Outline

Course Introduction
Overview of Corda
Use Cases
Business Requirements
Corda Nodes and Networks
Key Concepts
Transactions in Corda
Transactions in Corda
Smart Contracts (CorDapps)
Client RPC
Corda Demobench
Demo Corda Demobench
Blockchain as a Service
AWS BaaS Demo
CBSA Certifications
Course Review


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