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Are you looking to Master RxJS? This course is the right fit for you to start learning the basics of RxJS core concepts and API and further digging deeper to master the RxJS with our set of teachings.

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Course Overview

RxJS or Reactive Extensions is one of the known libraries in the web development industry and helps make it easier to create, manipulate, and observe asynchronous streams of data. It uses Observables for reactive programming. GreyCampus RxJS Training Course is a complete package of relevant material that helps you not only understand what is RxJS but also gain expertise over it. 

Course Outline

A Better Way to Learn RxJS & Observables
What is RxJS?
Subjects, Observers, Observables, and Operators
Using BehaviorSubject for Values That Change over Time
Creating an Observable from a Subject
Using Angular's HTTP Client to Interact with Servers
Building & Running Apps with the Angular CLI
Webinar: Observables For All
Observables vs. Promises
Single Use vs. Multiple Use
Eager vs. Lazy


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The course requires you to know the following concepts before starting:

1. JavaScript functions, events, and error handling

2. Asynchronous Javascript Patterns

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