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SAP EWM Training Course

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The SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) application is a state-of-the-art tool for warehouse management. This course will explore the functionalities of the SAP EWM application and equip you with the skills necessary to standardize the processes at a warehouse and manage resources such as inventory space and labor efficiently.

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SAP server access would be provided through a third-party.

Batches not available in India.


Become skilled in formalizing warehouse processes and employ strategies to optimize all resources.

Our course is aligned to SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Extended Warehouse Management 9.5.

With this course, you will be equipped with the skills necessary to streamline the warehouse processes, make optimal use of inventory space and manage labor efficiently.


SAP EWM provides a large set of functionalities that cater to the demands of warehouse management on all fronts. This training is aimed at exploring all of these functionalities and going through each use case in detail to make you capable of utilizing the application to its fullest potential.

A few of the things that will be addressed in this course are :

1. Organizational structures, and Master data maintenance.

2. The logistics of inbound and outbound goods.

3. Monitoring strategies for warehouse activities.

4. Methods by which SAP EWM processes are deployed rapidly.

5. Methods of performing storage control - process and layout oriented.

6. Establishing labor standards.

7. Ways to deal with goods issues, stock transfers, and replenishment.

8. Warehouse expansions.


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Program Curriculum

  • Warehousing Structures and Master Data
    • Differentiating the SAP Solutions for Warehouse Management
    • Outlining Organizational Structures
    • Maintaining Master Data for SAP EWM
  • Basic Processes in SAP EWM
    • Processing Goods Received
    • Processing Goods for Shipping
  • Warehouse Monitoring and Processing with Mobile Devices
    • Managing the Warehouse
    • Outlining the Radio Frequency (RF) Framework
  • Additional Functions in SAP EWM
    • Applying Storage Control
    • Employing Serial Numbers
    • Processing Batches
    • Mapping Quality Inspection Processes
    • Applying Value-Added Services
  • Warehouse Organization
    • Performing Slotting
    • Applying Replenishment Methods
    • Performing a Physical Inventory
  • Optimization of Resources

What You Get

1. 35+ hours of live online training led by an expert instructor

2. Get 1-month SAP Server access for practicing projects

3. 1-year access to class recordings


  • Q. What are SAP EWM pre-requisites for joining this course?

    A. It is essential that the participant must have knowledge about SAP and also knowledge of Materials Management in SAP.

  • Q. How is SAP EWM training advantageous?

    A: SAP EWM course is helpful because of the following benefits it provides:

    • Ability to build optimized plans to meet customers’ requirements
    • Reduces of load times for schedules order
    • Support order based replenishment (of forward pick location from bulk / reserve stocks)
    • Increase real-time visibility of warehouse operations for planning and control
    • Improves percentage of order fulfillments
    • Improves Productivity of resources
  • Q. How is SAP EWM better compared to the WM functions of SAP ERP?

    A: On comparison, SAP EWM is superior to the WM functions of SAP ERP because of the following reasons:

    • It provides SAP’s best Strategic Warehouse Management solution
    • It has a strong investment & supply chain execution roadmap
    • Enables enhanced process flexibility
    • Provides full warehouse visibility
    • Provides the support to latest technology  
    • Helps in labor management
  • Q. Why is SAP EWM important?

    A: SAP EWM hold importance in the industry due to the following reasons:

    • It helps in reducing the total cost of ownership
    • Helps to build a new DC
    • Facilitates flexibility & optimization
    • Helps in increasing the process speed
    • It helps reducing the logistics cost
    • It helps in establishing best practices while facilitating continuous process improvement.
  • Q. Who is the target audience?

    A. This course is suitable for application consultant, project manager, project stakeholder, and project team members.

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