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SAP HCM Training Course

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The SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) module will give you the knowledge necessary to perform administrative duties effectively. From hiring to payroll and managing human resources and time, this course dives into all the functionalities of the SAP HCM application and teaches you how to configure it to your business needs.

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SAP server access would be provided through a third-party.

Batches not available in India.


Gain the skills necessary to implement and configure the HCM application and automate away a majority of core HR processes.

Our course is aligned to SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HCM with ERP 6.0 EHP7.

Manage SAP HCM application using customized configurations to generate accurate reports tailored to your business needs.


SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) is an important module of the SAP ERP system that supports the process and operation of human resources in the organization. To this end, our training course will explore SAP HCM’s role in activities related to various HR processes such as payroll management, employee data management, employee engagement, recruitment processes, optimizing business productivity and supporting the efficient functioning of the organization.


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Program Curriculum

  • Module One: Getting Started
    • Human Resource Management
  • Module Two: A History of Human Resources
    • A History of Human Resources
    • A History of Human Resources Case Study
  • Module Three: The Interview Process
    • Recruiting and Interviewing
    • Recruiting and Interviewing Case Study
  • Module Four: Employee Orientation
    • Retention and Orientation
    • Retention and Orientation Case Study
  • Module Five: Following Up with New Employees
    • Following Up with New Employees
    • Following Up with New Employees Case Study
  • Module Six: Workplace Safety

What You Get

1. 35+ hours of live online training led by an expert instructor

2. Get 1-month SAP Server access for practicing projects

3. 1-year access to class recordings


  • Why is SAP HCM important?

    • It outlines the 4R’s of HR into HR terminology by which it integrates them and achieves the highest peak of productivity.

    • Concentrates on the HR process that promotes strategy execution, which makes the business think about its business strategy to identify their needs in the future and hire employees accordingly.

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