SAP PLM Training Course

The SAP PLM application is a lead-edge solution used for the purpose of managing production processes – from product ideation to product manufacturing. This course will give you the knowledge necessary to harness the SAP PLM application’s comprehensive functionality and allow you to have a clear vision of and control over all product development related processes.

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SAP server access would be provided through a third-party.

What you get 

1. 35+ hours of live online training led by an expert instructor

2. Get 1-month SAP Server access for practicing projects

3. 1-year access to class recordings


Why Get Certified?

Doing the SAP PLM course will provide you the expertise required to design, plan, build and manage production processes and manufacturing operations.

Our course is aligned to the following three SAP Certified Application Associate certifications: 
SAP Maintenance & Repair with ERP 6.0 EHP7
SAP Project Systems with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP7
Quality Management with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP5

Understand the complete cycle of product planning, design, and production and become proficient in the use of the SAP PLM application to address business challenges and related production processes.

Course Curriculum

  •  Executing Maintenance Business Processes
  •  Customizing Maintenance Processing
  •  Customizing Preventive Maintenance
  •  Customizing Technical Objects
  •  Planning Preventative Maintenance Business Processes
  •  Customizing Organizational Units
  •  Managing Technical Objects
  •  Customizing Refurbishment
  •  Customizing Analysis and Reporting
  •  Project Structures
  •  Material
  • Resources
  • Dates
  •  Cost and Budgets
  •  Revenues and Payments
  •  Reporting
  •  Implement QM in Discrete Manufacturing
  •  Implement & Configure Quality Control
  •  Implement & Configure Quality Planning
  •  Implement & Configure Quality Inspection
  •  QM in Process Industries
  •  Integration of QM with S&D and Service
  •  Integration of QM and MM
  •  Configuration and Organization
  •  Audit Management
  •  Quality Notifications
  •  Quality Certificates
  •  Sample Management

Best For

• Beginners

• Implementation consultants



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Christopher Bernales

The training was very helpful. It successfully delivered its goal of helping us prepare for the certification. The trainer was very accommodating and flexible. It helped that he had a pleasant and approachable personality. Couldn’t thank enough Grey Campus for the experience and help.


Raleigh Santos

Great Support from the central team and the facilitator!


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) helps organizations rapidly develop and deliver products that drive the business. It provides all-round support for all product-related processes from the start of the life cycle with the product idea, all the way to manufacturing and product services.

The use of SAP PLM application is not restricted to product development and product management. It finds use in data management, project management, and quality management. 

This course will explore in detail the functionalities SAP PLM has to offer. The course will show how SAP PLM ties in with the rest of the SAP Business Suite to perform essential business processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions


A. Participants must have minimum 2 years experience in the relevant domain will be an advantage.

A. Participants must have basic Business knowledge and also familiar with work on graphical user interfaces (such as Microsoft Windows).