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GreyCampus Scholarship Program

Aiding students to fulfill their dreams

2019 GreyCampus Scholarship Winners Announced!

We are pleased to announce Alexa Schwerha M & Lacee Sandberg as the winners of the GreyCampus Scholarship Program 2019.

We have received more than 500+ scholarship applications and the quality of essays submitted by applicants is impressive. After much cogitation by the Scholarship Committee that included CEO, Directors and other staff the finalists have been decided.

Alexa Schwerha M

Alexa Schwerha M

Winner ($2,000)
Lacee Sandberg

Lacee Sandberg

Runner up ($1,000)

Alexa Schwerha M

Kent State University

I am incredibly honored to be selected as a finalist for the GreyCampus Scholarship, and can assure that the consideration is much appreciated in accordance with my academic pursuits. As a freshman at Kent State University, the burden of student loans are not an unacquainted familiarity. Like many other college students pursuing their undergraduate degree, I am well aware of the cost required for such a desired accomplishment.

This scholarship would be used to further my education in the form of tuition payment, and will help to cover the overall cost of attending and succeeding in my sophomore year. As I become more acquainted in classes pertaining to my major (communications) and undertake experience in the field through internships, this scholarship will allow me to pursue a passion by aiding me in tackling the most prominent goal of my next three years: graduate with the least amount of debt possible.

It is through the use of scholarships that I am able to give myself an edge in the competitive pool of applicants that will stem from my class in the field of communication and journalism. I will be taking classes in economics, marketing, and public relations in order to obtain a well rounded exposure to fulfill the duties required of me in the communication division. It is through scholarships, such as your own, that provide me this opportunity. The cost of education is pricy, but it is beneficial, and it is my own to undertake in proactive responsibility.

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Alexa Schwerha M

Lacee Sandberg

Rogue Community College

My experience applying to the Grey Campus Scholarship has been nothing short of inspiring and informative for me personally. As a non-traditional college student who is changing careers from one industry to another, drastically different one, the prompt “Next Stop: Traditional Education or Certification Courses?” felt very relevant to everything that has been going on in my life over the last year. Writing about this prompt felt like the perfect way to lay out all of the thoughts and research I had already been doing on my own for several months in a clear, unbiased way. Researching this prompt forced me to reassess my true motives for returning to school as well as for changing careers, and reaffirmed that I was moving in the right direction by going back to college instead of taking certification courses. It is my sincere hope that my essay will help to guide others who are looking to change careers but who might not know how or where to start.

The GreyCampus scholarship amount covered almost all of my tuition for school this summer quarter. I only had to pay an additional $130 out of pocket! I just want to thank Grey Campus for hosting scholarships such as this one. Scholarships like these are an enormous help non-traditional students like me who typically have a difficult time finding financial aid when returning to college.

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Lacee Sandberg

Upcoming: GreyCampus 2020 Scholarship Program


GreyCampus Inc.


Open to all students above
18 years residing in the US

Application Deadline


Scholarship Amount

3000 (2 No.s)
($2000 winner, $1000 runner up)

About the Program

Nothing should stop a student from achieving their goal and we resolve to aid the deserving students with our scholarship program for a bright career. Our student scholarship program specifically focuses on supporting students who are committed to their learning.

GreyCampus' scholarship program is a 2 step process:

Step1: Register yourself into the scholarship program by filling up the application form with a clear description on "Why should you get the scholarship?"

Step2: Within 15 days from the date of your submission you need to submit an essay of at least 1000 words on any of the below topics:

  • How to Brand (or Rebrand) Yourself for the Job You Want
  • What are the Highest Paying Jobs for Graduates Straight Out of College
  • Top Certification Programs That Lead to High-Paying Jobs
Please note that the selected essays will be published on the GreyCampus Blog.
Essays need to be emailed to in .doc or .pdf format with your details. (Name, Phone Number, College Name and College Admission Number)

How it works?

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  • Fill the

  • Board

  • Scholarship award