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✓  Why Scrum Master is one of the 25 best-paying jobs in America

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Did you know that Scrum Master is one of the 25 best-paying jobs in the US? What makes it a lucrative role in the IT sector?

As Scrum Masters are integral to project success, their pay scale is always on the higher side. The salary range of a senior Scrum Master falls between $102,029 and $128,920. What makes them worthy of their high earning potential? Scrum Masters are the guardians of Scrum – they coach, facilitate, and guarantee the seamless implementation of the Scrum framework throughout a product’s development cycle. They are committed to the values of Scrum and are open to opportunities for growth and improvement.

If you are looking for the ultimate reference material on Scrum Master salary and the global salary trends, this comprehensive Scrum Master Salary Guide is what you need. The guide also touches upon the different roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master and Scrum Master career path.

Table of Contents

  • Role of A Scrum Master in Project Success

    Scrum masters are at the focal point of project success. They help their agile teams tackle critical challenges during the project life cycle. Though their responsibilities might vary depending on business requirements, their role remains that of a servant-leader who optimizes the effectiveness of the Scrum framework. This section explains all the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum Master.

  • Entry-Level Salary of A Scrum master

    As Scrum Masters invariably enjoy great demand across all industries, the entry-level salary is always quite impressive. The average salary of a Scrum Master is $90,000. If you are a fresher with experience in project management or software development, your technical skills will come in handy. But even a non-IT professional can kickstart their career as a Scrum Master. This section explains the earning potential of entry-level Scrum Master roles.

  • Scrum Master Salary Overview

    Though Scrum Masters are predominantly hired in the IT industry, currently, they are also hired in media, healthcare, construction, education, and government sectors. While the earning potential might vary in different industries, the average salary of a Scrum Master is always high. Additionally, a Scrum Master certification can increase your pay scale. This section talks about the average salary of Scrum Masters.

  • Scrum Master – One of the 25 Best-Paying Jobs in America

    Scrum Masters are pivotal to the success of Agile projects. They remove impediments, motivate team members, and compartmentalize projects into individual achievable tasks. This is why Scrum Master is one of the 25 best-paying jobs in the US. They help project teams deliver quality outcomes by implementing agility. This section explains why Scrum Master is a very lucrative career path.

  • Scrum Master Career Path and Expected Salary

    Once a Scrum Master progresses from the entry-level, he or she can proceed to manage multiple projects and products. Scrum Masters with up to two years of experience can earn an average salary of $101,000. While some may choose to sidestep into the roles of a Product Owner or Manager, many professionals take on the challenging roles of Senior Scrum Master or Chief Scrum Master. This section explains the career path of a Scrum Master, the different roles they can choose, and their expected salary.

  • Countries and Industries that Pay Better

    There are several factors that influence the earning potential of Scrum Masters: geographical location, economical situation, the demand of Scrum masters, the industry, and the experience level are some among them. This section lists the countries and industries that offer the highest salaries to Scrum Masters. While countries like the US, Singapore, Australia, and Canada are some of the top-paying countries, finance, construction, advertising, and consulting firms are some of the profitable industries for Scrum Masters.

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