Starting with Blockchain Technology for Developers Training Course

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This course is for participants who want to learn how blockchain solutions are designed, configured, and developed. It provides knowledge of how the blockchain technology works.

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Course Overview

Blockchain technology is highly demanded in present times, and all developers need to own this skill. In this course, you will learn about what  Blockchain is and how it works. You will also learn about data validation and security. The course also covers use cases, Cryptonomics, storage and distribution, and Work proofs. Finally, we will build a project to test your understanding of the concepts. We will also have an overview of the various cryptocurrencies.

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Course Outline

Starting with Blockchain Tech
What we'll learn
How Do Blockchains Work
Blockchain Data Validation & Security
Blockchain Use Cases
File Storage & Distribution
Smart Contracts
Merkle Trees
Proof of Work
Proof of Stake
Delegated Proof of Stake
Create a simple JavaScript blockchain
The Blockchain and Block classes
Adding Proof of Work
Creating a Cryptocurrency
Validating Blocks
Popular Cryptocurrency Networks
Popular Blockchain Platforms
Wrap up


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