Study Tips and Resources for Online Training and Classrooms

Written by: Jessica Anne

Students of all ages face challenges while in the classroom. With distractions from other students and external distractions from the environment, studying properly can be very difficult. To become an effective student, you need to acquire proper studying skills and habits. By improving your time management skills, learning how to listen and preparing for tests properly, the student has a good chance of being successful.

However, additional problems occur when people begin the online training. Many of the same tips can apply to online classroom settings, as traditional classrooms. However, online students need to be more self-directed and motivated, since they are learning on their own, than in-class counterparts.

To help both online and traditional students in educational or training settings, we have provided a number of useful resources for people to follow to help be successful. Please feel free to use these resources as needed, and share them with others that can use the information.

Studying Tips and Skills

Time Management and Preventing Procrastination

  • Time Management Information – A list from the University of Illinois of study tips to use for time management and avoiding procrastination.
  • How to Gain Study Skills – A useful page with information on how to improve your time management.
  • Time management help students with ideas on how to stay on track with their studies.
  • Academic Success Center – A useful page that lists reasons that students typically procrastinate and strategies on how to avert it.
  • An article from the University of Buffalo on procrastination and how to get better at managing your time.
  • A listing of a number of strategies to change from being a procrastinator.
  • Procrastination Solutions – Web page with ten strategies that students can use either in person or online to avoid procrastinating.

Concentration and Memory Improvement Ideas

  • Memory Improvement – Information for students on how to improve memorization.
  • This article contains information on how your memory can be improved.
  • Tools to Improve Your Mind – Web page which provides techniques that anyone can use to help improve their memory.
  • Memory Improvement Ideas – This informative page from Dartmouth College has several resources on how to improve your concentration and memory.
  • A helpful article that has tips and information to improve concentration.

Writing Tips for Students

Test Preparation and Test Taking Information

  • A Collection of Study Tips – A step-by-step guide that helps students prepare to take an exam or test.
  • This web page offers information on what students should do before and during taking tests.
  • Academic Skills Center – Informative page which provides guidance on how to effectively answer essay questions.
  • Study Guides – A helpful publication that offers ideas on how to create test-taking study guides.

Improving Reading Skills

  • Tips for students on how to highlight textbooks and other documents to improve reading comprehension.
  • Study Guide Resources – Excellent source with information on how to improve reading comprehension.
  • Reading Improvement Ideas – An article that informs students on how to read a book on a hard subject.

Listening and Note-Taking Help

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