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Tableau Desktop Training Course

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Tableau is a state-of-the-art data visualization tool that helps business teams, managers and leads make decisions driven by data. This course explores in-depth, the functionalities Tableau offers, ranging from creating charts, dashboards, and stories to audience-specific visualizations.


21 hours spread across 7 days of highly interactive bootcamp training.

Receive certification to showcase your command of the Tableau visualization. 

Get your hands dirty using Tableau with hands-on training and industry-relevant project work.


Gain proficiency in chart creation, data mapping, managing dashboards and creating compelling data-driven narratives using Tableau stories.

Course Overview

Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool that is being used in the business intelligence industry to derive meaning out of massive data. This data visualization tool is emerging as one of the hottest trends and is gaining popularity in various companies. This course will guide you through the use of Tableau for the purposes of building visualizations, organizing data and presenting it through dashboards and worksheets. It exposes a learner to various Tableau tools to help them depict large data into readable graphs and charts. In addition to this, there is project work to help you put what you've learned into practice. This course has been developed regardless of technical or analytical background and thus, can be taken by anyone.

schedules timings price
25 - 15
Jul-Aug 2020
10:00 AM - 01:00 PM
USD 700

Choose from weekday or weekend training schedules per your convenience

Course Curriculum

  • Getting started with Tableau
  • Working with Tableau
  • Deep diving with Data and Connections
  • Creating Charts
  • Adding calculations to your workbook
  • Mapping data in Tableau

What You Get

1. 21 hours spread across 7 days of highly interactive bootcamp training

2. A project to provide hands-on training

3. Teaching assistance to support your learning journey

4. Learn using Tableau Software an end to end data visualization tool

  • Tableau Sample Certificate

    Course Completion Certificate from GreyCampus

Boost your career. Get certified.

  • Our Course Advisors



    Joe San Pietro is a Course Advisor for GreyCampus. As a corporate trainer, Joe leverages his Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) expertise to deliver Microsoft’s AI and data engineering courses to management teams across many sectors. Joe has also taught data science and software engineering at well-known boot camps. As a practitioner, Joe’s sweet-spot is working with companies in legacy sectors such as supply chain and distribution.

    Joe is quite active in the Atlanta tech community and is a coordinator of the PyData Atlanta meetups.

  • Our Course Advisors



    Rajeev Kumar is a highly optimistic individual that has worked with Fortune 100 clients including Google, IBM, and Disney. With over 22 years of experience in the IT industry, Rajeev has turned his focus for the past 5 years towards Data Science and AI/ML. To this end, he has come up with Data Science and AI/ML backed solutions in various fields. His solutions have saved millions of dollars on costs to his clients.

    Rajeev is committed to sharing his learnings with enterprises to build Data Science and AI capabilities for their domains to make exponential gains.


There are no prerequisites required for this Tableau Desktop certification course. However, a basic knowledge of data analytics will be helpful.


"I'm glad I took up this course! I had recently begun working on Tableau and took up this course just to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything. I was, and this course took my skills to the next level. Props to the instructor!"

- Matteo Benson

"I took this as part of Greycampus' data science program. In my new job, I worked with my manager for a presentation to the investors. All that project work sure paid off! Thanks GC!"

- Rich Crawford

"It was very clear, and I grasped things very quickly. And my friends and teacher know me to be a slow learner. So, thanks greycampus!"

- Stella Davis


  • What is Tableau Desktop?

    Tableau Desktop is a simple and easy-to-use tool used in business intelligence and data visualization. It helps you interact with data to create stunning visualization dashboards and reports in an easily understandable way - within minutes.

  • What is the duration of this course?

    21 hours spread across 7 days of highly interactive bootcamp training

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