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Technical Skills

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Build Modern Web Apps with MEAN Training Course

Become a full-stack developer learning MEAN Stack which allows you to do front end as well as backend development using Javascript. The course guides you through concepts of MEAN Stack and using it in the creation of Reddit/Hacker News Clone. It also brings you additional sources and projects to help you get industry-ready.

Mastering the Ionic Framework Training Course

Design, build and deploy robust mobile apps much quicker than you could by using the native technologies. Indulge in learning Ionic Framework that will bridge the gap between Angular JS Web apps and Hybrid mobile apps giving you the power to build insanely great mobile apps. The course also introduces you to some great plugins that shall make sending push notification an easy task.

RxJS Training Course

Are you looking to Master RxJS? This course is the right fit for you to start learning the basics of RxJS core concepts and API and further digging deeper to master the RxJS with our set of teachings.

Master Auth0 Training Course

Dive in to learn Auth0, a flexible solution to add authentication and authorization services to applications. This course teaches you logging in with React and adding authentication using Auth0. Get started to get a hands-on experience!

Master Rails JSON API Training Course

Join to become a master of backend development with our course on Rails, which is one of the popular backend frameworks in the web development community. The course will teach you using Rails4 as a JSON API. You will gain hands-on experience by the end of your journey, building a backend that provides functionality for a Medium clone.

Fundamentals of Cypress Training Course

GreyCampus Fundamentals of Cypress course is designed to introduce you to the JavaScript-based Cypress, which is a known end-to-end testing framework. Join us to learn the architecture and features of Cypress, and get a hands-on experience on writing your own first test in Cypress. This course is all that you need to know to get started with Cypress.

Netlify Training Course

GreyCampus Netlify Training Course is designed to help you learn to deploy apps to Netlify using Angular. The course walks you through the concepts of deploying by using Angular as an example to help you understand better.

Node.js Training Course

GreyCampus Node.js Training course is designed primarily to teach you to build a production-ready Node.js JSON API. The course will use MongoDB for the database to help you gain hands-on experience in developing the backend in Node.js.

Build an App with React & Redux Training Course

GreyCampus brings you a perfect course, which is a blend of React and Redux, to help you learn how to build real-world quality applications. This course teaches you everything in React and Redux from scratch and shows you how to rebuild the codebase of the project, helping you create while you learn.

Django Training Course

Looking for a course that helps you succeed as a Djangonaut? 

GreyCampus Django Training course is best suited and helps you bridge the gap between the toy projects and the production-ready products. The course is a combination of building fullstack apps with Django followed by building a production-ready Django JSON API. The content gives you the right hands-on exposure to help you become an expert in the Django web framework.

Master Typescript Training Course

Get Started with GreyCampus Master Typescript Training course to learn the Typesript language and how it is proven to be the right tool amongst its competitors in solving the problems. The course not only teaches you the fundamentals of Typescript but also takes you in-depth where you will be creating a Typescript model for Angular.

Ag-Grid with React Training Course

Dive in to learn how to build applications with the ag-Grid community using React. Ag-Grid unique features make it the top choice for Enterprise JavaScript developers. The course helps you strengthen your concepts by building up an application while learning. Get started today to become a pro Developer in ag-Grid using react.

Fullstack Development Training Course

Learn fullstack development choosing your ideal frontends and backends to develop an app. The course is created in a way that every frontend and backend build the same app and APR endpoints which makes it easier and faster for you to learn these. Dive in to get an experience of learning from scratch while creating a production-ready clone.